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  1. In the meantime, on sunday, I took the Xapp 1178 (displayport-reference-design), requiring a KC705 board and an Inrevium FMC module, and I ported to Genesys2. I succeeded, it works perfectly at 4K 30 and 60 Frames per second. Still, I'm interested to understand the reason why the OOB does not work. Marco.
  2. Please let me apologize, but I'm back with this issue. I downloaded the original Vivado 2015.4 OOB project, located in "Github as the Projects/user_demo directory of this repo", as gently explained by Artvb I follow the instructions, generate the project from tcl using Vivado 2015.4, and I achieved a complete Vivado 2015.4 project. Then I exported the HDF and create a local SDK15.4 project. Compiled, fine. then I downloaded to the Genesys2.... this time too the Displayport does not work (all the remaining are ok). You can imagine, I' quite disappointed. Or I'm applying every time the same mistake in the preparation of the design, or there is something else. Now, I checked possible differences between my recompiled design and what is available from GIT I recompiled an SDK 2015.4 application "G2demo" from scratch, and then i compared with downloaded files from git I noted that, while the "downloaded_system.hdf" file available in GIT sizes 1.441 Kbyte, the one regenerated by compilation spans 1535 Kbyte, That is rather strange. .lnk and .mss generated from them are exactly the same in both cases. So, I'm currently blocked, Any suggestion may be of help.
  3. Hi Arthur By the way, in Genesys 2, removing power supply BUT keeping DP inserted (in TX connector) the board remains partially supplied. It seems does not generate troubles, deinserting the cable the board go quiet without problems, but it is better to know.
  4. Thanks, I will try. Sorry for the question, but you have checked the DP for the 2016.4 distribution of OOB design? a couple of informations on my work, could be useful 1) using SDK project under SDK 2015.4 the mouse works (USB + Overlay). Using SDK project under SDK 2016.4, with updated BSP, the Overlay works but the mouse not 2) The two Vivado 2016.4 available on your site (GIT and ZIP) behave the same, from HW point of view (there was only a few difference in QDSP clock generator), Generating upgraded SDK 2016.4 project or building "original" SDK 2015.4 projects, and trying all possible combinations, nothing change: DP seems correctly trained and configured, but the monitor does not shows the picture. It seems as input data and sync are not delivered to displayport 7.0 3) Attempt to add ILA on vivado 2016.4 design. There is absolutely to change the synthesis option "-flatten_hierarchy" from "none" to "rebuild" otherwinse Vivado fails in bad manner "An unexpected error has occurred". 6 hours spent to understand. 4) attached you will find the IP_status report. May you check the correctness? I rebuild the Block diagram using the TCL available in distribution. Thanks in advance, Marco.
  5. Hi There is a way to download the original Vivado 2015.4 project? Thanks in advance, Marco.
  6. Dear all I prepared yesterday evening an SDK 2015.4 project, to be used with the bitfile, hdf and bmm generated by Vivado 2016.4. This way there is a discrepancy between HW and SW version, but if it works who care. Unfortunately, the elf behaves as the design recompiled under SDK 2016.4. Additionally the display link seems less stable, it continuates to disconnect and connect The connection is correct. MArco.
  7. Hi guys Sorry if I'm back i compiled the OOB design downloaded from your site, the ZIP file (dated 2 may 2017),,,,, the result is that Displayport continuates to be correctly trained and configured, but screen does not display. Additionally, in this version HDMI does not work too. At this point I suspect a problem in RTL (BD, constraints) sources. May you check the functionality of your distribution on a Genesys2 Board? Thanks in advance. P.S. Obviousy with other designs HDMI works fine, and with project available in flash displayport too,
  8. Hi everybody I have a problem with the downloaded OOB design for Genesys 2: the DisplayPort seems to be properly configured, but the video does not appear. (It is not an issue related with the board, because the OOB stored on the flash of Genesys2 perform perfectly). I downloaded the design from the GIT (, dated 2017 March 18. Another ZIP is available, dated today (2017 May 2), looking inside they seems equivalent. Both designs are the previous version of the OOB, updated to Vivado 2016.4 and SDK 2016.4 So, I created the Vivado 2016 project, I asked for the proper evaluation licenses, and I achieved the bitfile. without particular problems. Then, I exported the HW to SDK, and I tried to import the sdk project/BSP (g2demo and g2demo_bsp) according to the instructions. I had a lot of errors. So, I generated a brand new BSP, with all driver updated, and I compiled the application. Everything fine. I downloaded to the board, and everything performs OK.... except DisplayPort. Console messages seems ok, the presence IRQ works, the DP is correctly trained and the screen is properly configured.... and nothing is shown. (By the way, VGA and HDMI works perfectly). Console messages are reported in screen.png I noted that the BSP delivered is really,really outdated. I tried to "patch" a .mss with the same outdated versions, but I had (as expected) a lot of bugs. Difference on versions are shown in drivers.png. Then I tried to keep the brand new BSP, and to outdate only the dp driver. It compiled, fine, but the behaviour is exactly the same. Now, I have some difficulty to proceed. It seems that the BSP you deliver is outdated, and it seems very strange. May you check your distribution, or, if correct, please give me an help about how to have correct compilation. Many thanks in advance, Marco Pavesi.