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  1. DigilentPGM V1.00 Digilent Copyright 2016 Written by Keith Vogel Monday, July 31, 2017 8:10:06 PM PDT Comm Port: COM4 Baud rate set to: 115200 Unable to signon, this does not look like a bootloader This is what I got after using the digilent core
  2. Hello jpeyron, The USB cable works, I used it to to program a PIC18 using MPLAB IDE. My board is REV c. What is the difference in the chipKIT core and digilent core? My board was working for couple months until I accidentally shorted my battery. Everything was working fine. Is there any evidence that my board is fried with the previously attached verbose.txt?? I really appreciate your help! Best -Jose
  3. Hello jpeyron, I will answer your questions in the order that you asked them. No, the board was not smoking, and the couple times that I would touch it it was not hot. To power the board I used a 12VDC battery that also powers daughterboards (chipkit being the motherboard). When I plug in the USB cable LD6 and LD5 briefly turn on simultaneously , then LD1 blinks. then LD6 briefly turns again(not LD5). At the moment I only have one USB cable. I am using the chipKIT Wi-FIRE PIC32MZ. Arduino 1.8.1 I believe I am using the chipKIT core. Not sure. This is what I have tools/boards/chipKIT WiFIRE The blink code does not work, I get no target found. Also I noticed the WiFi module geta hot, and I am not using it. Hopefully I answered your questions correctly. -Jose throttle_brake_testing.ino verbose_out.txt
  4. Is there a way to verify that my chipKIT wifire is damaged due to a powering mistake? It is not dead completely, some LED still toggle when connected to the computer,and it does send a string, and I am able to view the message via serial monitor on arudiuno IDE, but it does not execute the code beyond sending a string to the computer when turned on. Is it possible I fried my board?
  5. I am supplying the board with 12V at j14, and have a shorting block on EXT. It may be possible that it is the power supply, but I have used different power sources ranging from HP function generator to 12 V batteries. I will verify where the sound is coming from. It helps to know that there isn't a buzzer/speaker. I really appreciate your help. -Jose
  6. ChipKIT Wi-FIRE. On certain Power supplies it beeps, as soon as I disconnect the power source the noise goes away.
  7. What does it mean when a board beeps when powered? It does not beep with all power supplies.