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  1. Thank you for your response. It means that I should use AD for using Matlab together. Do you have AD in stock? I'm just wondering it has already been depleted. For using two AD2, Should I consider time synchronization when I use two AD2 (or AD) at the same time? Or will it automatically generate same time sequence? Thank you. Sung.
  2. Hello, 1. I'm just wondering if I can expect to get time sequence which has 10ns interval (ADC fs=100MHz) when I measure the Analog input from my circuit. (AD, AD2) 2. And because of 16k samples buffer, I only can measure(capture or save data) during 0.16msec (1/100MHz*16k). Is there any way to increase the number of samples to save? 3. Can I change the sampling frequency also? Best regards, Sung
  3. Thank you for your response. I checked the blog post you mentioned. I wonder if the situation means that the connection between AD2 and Matlab Data Acquisition Toolbox is in progress. Could you give me some rough plan or when can I expect to use Matlab for AD2? Best regards, Sung.
  4. Dear, Hello, I've considered using Analog Discovery for 100MHz ( >20MHz) ADC. I have some questions about it. I found some discussion that Matlab does not provide connection to Analog Discovery 2. Have you ever used Matlab Data Acquisition Toolbox to connect Analog Discovery 2? I wonder if the data acquisition toolbox only support Analog Discovery (old version). I have one more question. I'd like to measure 4 channels simultaneously. Can I use two Analog Discovery modules simultaneously? and is it able to run two S/W to handle two Analog Discovery modules at the same time? I appreciate if you give some idea for 4 ch. measurements using Analog Discovery.