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  1. Basys 3 seven segment display

    o I have a question... I am trying to use my basys 3 fpga board to complete this assignment for my class... the problem is that the class is using the spartan 3 board, and ISE design suite... I have tried many times to download the ISE software but the thing does not work because of the licensing... attached below is my lab... I have written the VHDL code for the outputs as follow: W <= (NOT A AND D) OR (A AND NOT D) OR (B) OR (C); X <= (NOT A AND NOT C AND NOT D) OR (A AND D) OR (B AND NOT D) OR (C AND D); Y <= (B OR NOT D) AND (NOT C OR D); Z <= ( A OR B OR NOT D) AND ( NOT B OR C); now when I am trying to match this to the master xdc and I am trying to use switches 0-4 for the inputs a-d, and I need to use the 7 segment display to represent the outputs as it is in the attachment... It is not working or I dont know how to do it... can anyone help me please Lab4 – Numeric Braille Writer Spring 2017.pdf