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  1. Is the example given by chipkit wf 32 for webserver able to support .php file?
  2. @[email protected] Hey Dan! I Whats running on my WF32 is moisture, temperature and humidity sensor. I want to pump in data from sensors to mysql database every 10mins. So i was hoping if there is a way to insert the data from WF32 into mysql workbench.
  3. @jpeyron Hey, i have use the example given and able to show a simple webpage. The problem is i dont know how to start, for example getting the data from my sql to the webpage. Is there a way? Im not really sure how to do it.
  4. I just want to check if it possible for chipkit wf32 to communicate to mysql. For example, inserting data from the sensors that connected to the chipkit and send the latest data to mysql database.