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  1. Hi @[email protected], it's my logic and I have the source code. Just for information the specific problem with the Reveal is due to usb cable. For some reason the cable given with the demo board doesn't work. Changing the cable the Reveal analyzer start working in the right way. Thanks Luca
  2. Hi Dan, thanks for the answer. I read both Guide but nothing helpfull inside in this case. The open source analyzer is great, but I have no buses, only custom logic in the design, so I need to use the Reveal Analyzer. Luca
  3. Hi guys, I'm trying to use Reveal in my project but the Reveal Analyzer shows me this error: ERROR: core0 cannot trigger. See Reveal Troubleshooting Guide for more details. Problem cause is sample clock or power off. I don't understand the error message, the board is correctly power on and the clock is working since I use it to turn on/off some leds. Someone can help me? Thanks in advance!