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  1. s223523

    Zybo ROM

    Ho everyone, I am working on a zybo to program a game. I am facing the task of image processing. I understand that the best way is using ROM to store coe file and use them, but I don't know how to convert an image to a coe file. Another question is if the 16 bit output of the single port ROM is already the encoding of the vga output or I need to makes some changes, and how to process the printing of the image. And I was also wondering if I can put more then one image in the ROM. Thank you
  2. s223523

    Zybo processing image

    Really helpful thank you a lot
  3. s223523

    Zybo processing image

    Yes well what I meant was how I actually save the data set of a .PNG file for example and then later how can I access it for using. I mean: I have a landscape and a person running, how I store the two image on the RAM or on the BRAM and how later I can take one of them or both and process them on the VGA?
  4. s223523

    Zybo processing image

    Thank you for your fast reply. Actually I wanted also to know how to store image inside the two memory, I made basic thing on both Vivado and ISE. I need to handle more then image file and read more then one of them simultaneously. How can I do it?
  5. s223523

    Zybo processing image

    Hi, I am developing a game on a Zybo board. I have already programmed the VGA and a NES controller in VHDL. Now I am facing the problem of implementing the game. I want to use level backward image and running sprite image of the characters of the game on them. My questions are: how can I store the images of the levels and the sprite sheet on the RAM? and how can I process those images for running the game? Thank you
  6. s223523

    USB keyboard on zybo

    Hi @jpeyron, My problem is that on the zybo I don't have a PS/2 input and I don't have a keyboard with a PS/2 output so that I can simply buy an adapter. That's why I am searching for a USB keyboard tutorial or simply the VHDL code.
  7. s223523

    USB keyboard on zybo

    Hi, I am working with a Zybo and I'm trying to develop a game on it. In order to do so I need to connect a USB keyboard to it. Does anyone can suggest to me some tutorials or VHDL code for it?