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  1. SMatt

    Linux Gadget

    I tried again to follow this guide for mass storage and seems that it works In particular after doing "insmod /mnt/g_mass_storage.ko file=/tmp/my_file " I receive the same messages as the guide but without the last line where udc bind to driver g_mass_storage. When i connect the board to the host I'm able to detect the device, so the devicetree and the peripheral configuration i think are good. After that I came back in menuconfig to set again the webcam gadget but it still doesn't work
  2. SMatt

    Linux Gadget

    Hi, I tried different configuration for jumpers before to connect the boart but seems also there's no changes with both jumpers shorted/unshorted. I also have a particular message when I load the modules, sometimes i have this: zynq> insmod libcomposite.ko zynq> insmod videobuf2-vmalloc.ko zynq> insmod usb_f_fs.ko zynq> insmod usb_f_uvc.ko zynq> insmod g_webc
  3. SMatt

    Linux Gadget

    Hi @sbobrowicz, I've found the dependency!! Before to load the g_webcam.ko module I have to load other module first. This is what i have: U-Boot 2019 2017 - 12:21:04 +0200 Model:velopment Board Board: DRAM: ECC disabled 51MMC: [email protected]: 0 (SD) ected s25fl256s_64k with page si
  4. SMatt

    Linux Gadget

    Hi guys, thank for your reply. Thanks @jpeyron, hope some linux expert read this post and help me. Hi @sbobrowicz,I'm following this question in xilinx forum (I am mattsini1 in xilinx forum) and I'm still waiting for reply from nicothenico. I also set dr_mode to "peripheral" in my device tree because it supports only three value as i read in wiki xilinx: Mode Value of dr_mode host host device peripheral OTG otg I also tried to set the parameters to 'M' in menuconfig but I see
  5. SMatt

    Linux Gadget

    Hi all, I'm new in this world and I hope someone could help me in this issue I'm working on a project in the Uniersity where I would like to use the Zedboard as UVC device to stream video from FPGA to the host. I'm able to build, configure and run the kernel from SD but I'm having some problem to connect the Zedboard as peripheral mode and to detect it as UVC gadget. In particular I've configured the kernel to act in peripheral mode following this instruction : To let the Zedboard act as gadget I started from this gui