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  1. HS2 Programming Cable. Multiple Instances

    @jpeyron Another question related to my SPI ordering issue. If I call DjtgDisable(hif) in my DLL before I call SPIEnable(hif) would that disconnect/remove any previous jtag configuration and ensure that my SPIEnable() succeeded?
  2. HS2 Programming Cable. Multiple Instances

    Thanks. I have one other issue. I have 4 HS2's and I messed up the eeprom in one using FTDI's FT_Prog utility. Now FTDI's utuility will not recognize the device and I can't fix what I broke. Is there a utility to "fix" the eeprom in the HS2? Thanks.
  3. HS2 Programming Cable. Multiple Instances

    I have a system where I'm using 2 HS2 cables. One is used for SPI control and the other for Jtag. For my SPI interface, I have written a DLL using the ADEPT2 SDK, that allows me to specify the serial number of teh device to connect for SPI. Unfortunately both devices enumerate as device name "jtagHs2" and If I start my Xilinx Viivado Hardware manager before my SPI interface, the Vivado is taking over the device I want to use for SPI. If I start my spi interface first then vivado correctly picks up the HS2 I want to use for JTAG. Is there a way to prevent this, for example can I change the name "jtagHS2" in my SPI interface eeprom? Thanks, Patrick