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  1. My personnel do not know C++ and we have to deal with Legacy.. we are late on the project and need to find the fastest way to implement the solution. That is why I bought the board in the first place because I actually have working hardware that was tested on analog devices LABVIEW code example. thanks for your suggestion though.
  2. Thank you so much !! Is is better to use MPLAB since I read that MPIDE does not support debugging? Once last thing: I am incorporating this into an existing C project.and will need to convert form C++ to C Any chance that you have a C version of this example? Thanks again
  3. Please recommend the exact hardware or any other hardware that I can purchase immediately that works with the MPIDE C++ code. that will allow me to connect the PMODIA Is the MPIDE free?
  4. Which platforms or Platforms will be best to support the C++ example code for the PMODIA impedance analyzer? Is there and easy modification for using Arduino?
  5. Is there sample C code for the PMODIA board ?Can I easily run the C++ example code on Arduino?