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  1. khiz

    Zybo won't power on

    I really appreciate your help @jpeyron and i'm sorry for the late reply. I checked for hot spot after 5 minutes and again after 15 minutes but couldn't find any. the voltages are C215 2V2, C213 0V, C226 0V, C224 0V, C229 1V8, C222 0V, R280 0V. The components look fine. The ADP5052 chip seemed a little dirty before i cleaned it. it was similar to the 9962a chip. i have attacked a picture to show you what i mean by looked dirty
  2. khiz

    Zybo won't power on

    Thank you for your reply @jpeyron. Yes, I set the jumper according to the power supply. The power supply is 5V 2.1A. The usb cable is fine as i use it to connect my mobile to my PC. I have used both to power the board before.
  3. khiz

    Zybo won't power on

    Hello, I have a zybo board that wont power on. I have tried to power it with an external power supply as well as with a usb cable. i would appreciate if anyone could provide me with some trouble shooting tips. I am a student and need the board for my project. it worked previously but it just wont work now. (PGOOD doesn't turn on)