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  1. Hi Dan, do you mean that the below boards have certain gpio's works at 1.8v ? if it works at 1.8v then I don't need level shifter. kindly advise. Thanks and Regards Lakshman
  2. Dear Dan, Thanks for your reply. Yes I am aware of PMod Level Shifter it's a uni-directional level shifter(one direction at a time). we already discussed this issue few months back. I need bi-directional level shifter to solve the issue. will please suggest some bi-directional level shifter. Note : PMod Level Shifter works by the directions of the various pins are controlled by physical switches. In my project , I need real-time ability to switch the direction of GPIO from 3.3v to 1.8v & 1.8v to 3.3v Kindly advise. Thanks and Regards Lakshman
  3. Hi, I developed my project using Basys3 Board (Artix 7). Now I want 3 of my GPIO needs to work in 1.8v. I understood from data sheet I need to use bank 14 for this. but I don't know how to fix in the Basys3 trainer board. Will you please advise any FPGA (Artic 7) board or any other FPGA which have 1.8v GPIO for few pins. Note: I used Mixed Mode Clock Manager(MMCM) for my project to have 312MHz clock. Kindly advise. Thanks and Regards Lakshman.
  4. Dear Dan Thanks for the info. Yes I do but I can use 2 pins to combine & do the job. (input one pin 1.8v to 3.v & output one pin 3.3 v to 1.8v -->combine the output pin to the input. IF input working then output in high impedence state & out put is sending data then input is in High impedence state). Correct me if I am wrong. Thanks and Regards Lakshman.