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  1. NIcko

    BASYS3 programming...

    Hi - Simple programming - to get started with a BASYS3, do I need a JTAG cable or anything else other than a USB connection? Thanks
  2. Continuing my original question, I see that in 3.6.8, "Synchronized acquisition" is mentioned... Please could you expand on exactly how this is implemented and used.? Is there a pin that is used to trigger the capture,e.g. on its falling edge? Thanks
  3. Hi, I'm a happy AD II user and am also looking at the DD. One of my colleagues who does a lot of video work was asking if the DD could do synchronous capture, clocked by the DUT, rather than just async sampling. He thought that this might just be a firmware change as the hardware should already support this.. Have Digilent had any thoughts on synchronous capture? Thanks