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  1. On 2-6-2017 at 3:30 AM, c0y3 said:

    I am not sure this is correct. I have been able to build the CAN demo in Arduino IDE. You obviously need to install the peripheral libraries for such compiler.

    I do have an issue though, and it is at the time of running the demo. It is not very clear in the documentation how to do this. Only instructions provided are for MPLAB and soem kind of daught board.  Is it possible to just load the canDemo into a chipkit max32 and run it? do we need some wire connection to allow CAN1 and CAN2 talk?

    Yes you need some wiring to do this. I don't now if you have the network shield or not but if you have the net work shield you can connect the CAN1 HIGH to CAN2 HIGH and CAN1 low to CAN2 LOW (in the datasheet can you find where thees pins are located https://reference.digilentinc.com/_media/chipkit_shield_network:chipkit_networkshield_rm.pdf) if you don't have the network shield you need to order the mcp2551 you can find how to connect this in https://reference.digilentinc.com/_media/chipkit_shield_network:chipkit_networkshield_sch.pdf


    Good luck with me I hope this answers your question