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  1. Yes you need some wiring to do this. I don't now if you have the network shield or not but if you have the net work shield you can connect the CAN1 HIGH to CAN2 HIGH and CAN1 low to CAN2 LOW (in the datasheet can you find where thees pins are located https://reference.digilentinc.com/_media/chipkit_shield_network:chipkit_networkshield_rm.pdf) if you don't have the network shield you need to order the mcp2551 you can find how to connect this in https://reference.digilentinc.com/_media/chipkit_shield_network:chipkit_networkshield_sch.pdf http://store.digilentinc.com/chipkit-network-shield-e
  2. I have a question about the Plib.h file that is missing when we use the Arduino IDE or a new version of the MPIDE. I now ther are issue withe library's, but what is the option when I want to use a newer version of MPIDE or Arduino IDE and use the build in CAN bus of the MAX32 is there one or is there another library that I can use?