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  1. @jpeyron @JColvin thanks for your help. Will give it a try. I know C# but maybe its time I learned C.
  2. @[email protected] Yea, I need to use LabVIEW. It's the programming language I know...
  3. @[email protected] I think you are confused. a VI is a "Virtual Instrument" which is the name for a LabVIEW program. I wrote a program in LAbVIEW and then ran it on the Chipkit WF32. My problem is that the program is only running at a speed of 63 Hz.
  4. [email protected] From what I see, it is possible to deploy a VI to a BeagleBone or Raspberry Pi but not on Chipkit or Arduino.
  5. Just received my Chipkit WF32. Been playing with it using LabVIEW and I find that the loop speed is only 63 Hz when scanning a digital input (one of the push buttons). The PIC32 chip runs at 80 MHz so this is way out of line. What an I missing here? I don't think using LabVIEW would slow it down that much.