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  1. My problem was that you need to download the project workspace and look in there.
  2. The marketing video for the digital discovery shows a script that reads the output of a vga port and outputs a document of the image. Is that script available anywhere?
  3. Jtag is very similar to spi so if your hardware can do spi then it can also do jtag. You do need some extra bits to control the jtag tap state via the tms pad and addressing as well as reading bsdl files and processing svf files. The easiest way is to create a driver for openocd that tells it how to access your low level primitives and let it handle all the fancy stuff. The problem there is that openocd and waverforms2015 will both need to access the module at the same time and that could be tricky. Adding that capability to digitalDiscovery would make to only instrument you would
  4. Thats true you can use the digilent modules. But debugging a board needs a jtag probe, power supply, clock and reset sources, logic analyzer and usually a uart. The digital discovery has all of that except for the jtag probe. Add that and you have a complete solution in one box. John Eaton
  5. Any chance of support for JTAG protocol on the Digital Discovery? How about a driver for openocd that could turn the DigitalDiscovery in a jtag host. It could program the fpgas and flash memory, run gdb and collect trace data all from one little box. I am impressed. Is there an academic price ? John Eaton
  6. Hi, I am trying to do the same thing with my digital discovery. Found the code in /usr/share/digilent/waveforms/sample/c but trying g++ digitalout_binarycounter.cpp gives me an undefined reference to all your api's. Do I need to install anything other that waveforms2015 and adept2 ? John Eaton