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  1. @jpeyron, Thanks for your help. If we find additional boards that we will be using, is there someone I should reach out to directly, or is this forum the best way to get models? We currently know that we will be using: chipKIT Wi-FIRE: WiFi Enabled PIC32MZ Microcontroller Board (410-302) Pmod IA: Impedance Analyzer (410-246) For both of these, I'll need models as well.
  2. @jpeyron, Thank you for your help. These models look great! The EE design engineer informed me that we'll be using Pmod AD1 as well. I think the model is basically the same (two channels instead of four on the connector). If you have that model readily available, it would be great to have, but it isn't a big deal, since I think they are pretty much the same size. Thanks again, sberry
  3. @jpeyron Awesome. Thanks for your help. Look forward to hearing back. -Sberry
  4. I'm using DA4 and OD1 PMod boards in a project. We will have quite a few add-on boards in the device, and I want to get placement nailed down. Is it possible to get a 3D CAD model (.step, .iges, etc.) for them? Many Thanks, -Sberry