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  1. Hi @JColvin, Thanks for the response ... I managed to figure it out eventually ... It's an HDL only project. Using Chipscope I was seeing that I could write different data (up/down count, etc) starting from address 0 and read that back correctly, but every time I opened the same SD on PC it wanted to format it. I was messing with the file system (which I don't need actually). HxD allows you to "opendisk" regardless of the file system, and also raw disk edit ... I found it on an MIT course. It's does the job. best, DCC
  2. I am using a Nexys 4 DDR board and want to use the microSD as an external memory to read from. right now: I am using HDL only Want to read from SD in SPI mode as a continues loop Want to write to Micro SD offline via PC I have an HDL code, and I am able to write to and then read-back from the SD inside the HDL correctly, but have no idea how a data file on my computer can be turned into something on SD that I can read properly in FPGA Questions: What file format am I supposed to use for the SD card? (FAT32? ) What tool to use? I am using HxD http://mh
  3. dcc

    Change ROM COE

    Hi all, My design is HDL only with no processor. I have large ROMs in the project and need to change the COE files all the time. IS there a way to do this without having to regenerate the core and compile from scratch?? Each change costs me 40 minutes. I know with Data2MEM you can do that without having to regenerate the core and compile the design from scratch (IF you have a processor), but that does not apply to my design. Thanks in advance for your help.
  4. @[email protected] many Thanks for the comprehensive explanation
  5. @jpeyron @[email protected] thanks ... Currently I am using pmodmic3 and a custom made board attached to the shield connector (12 bits parallel DAC). It's a pure RTL design, and I have been feeding the DAC with FPGA's ROMs and logging the data with ILA chipscope easily. I need a bigger memory to feed the DAC. and log the data back.(feeding the 12 bit DAC @ 400K sample/sec is more important) I do prefer RTL and staying away from SDK, but not sure how to initialize the memory outside of SDK. appreciate your comments.
  6. dcc

    Maximum rate of ARTY USB-UART

    Thanks @[email protected] ... very helpful.
  7. Hi, I have a simple design. In an ARTY board, I need to read from ddr3 initialized in SDK and write to pmod constantly in a loop. What is the recommended way to do this? Do I need to use the DMA? Is there a reference design for ARTY board? Thanks
  8. dcc

    Maximum rate of ARTY USB-UART

    @[email protected] ... thanks again ... the data is going to a DAC PMOD board ... longer the better, and UART seems the easiest way, if the rate can be achieved.
  9. dcc

    Maximum rate of ARTY USB-UART

    @[email protected] a lot. ~1MB is what I am looking for ... I need to send a long stream of data to ARTY, on FPGA side I guess I just need to fix the clk, on PC side though, I am using tera term VT, do I just increase the Baud? Thanks again
  10. Hi, Does anyone know ARTY's maximum data rate using the USB-UART? Thanks.