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  1. thanks @attila Indeed that fixed the issue. Another comment for someone trying to do the same thing is to configure the digital trigger position as well so you can see the digital captures in the buffer because the analog buffer position is independent of the digital one. Thanks, Shabbir
  2. Hi all tagging some experts @jpeyron @attila Thank you for all the help in previous questions! From what I have gathered up till now is that I cannot access the protocol analyzers since they are at the application level and are not exposed to the SDK. However in my application I need a protocol analyzer along with the analog read of the AD2 simultaneously. (attaching previous post) So my only hope is to make a custom protocol analyzer to get the logic bitstream from the digital pins along with the raw waveform data. I tried to do the same in the code snippet attached. Howe
  3. Thanks @attila I know this is a long shot but, is there a way i can access this application script or something similar to give the protocol interpreters from the SDK? Thanks, Shabbir
  4. Hi, I am using the Waveforms APIs to process the raw waveform data from the oscilloscope of AD2 to a C++ code. My other requirement is to use the logic analyzer simultaneously to get the data bit stream of data as well. 1. I was able to do this on the Waveforms 2015 GUI but is it possible using the APIs? 2. There are analyzers (SPI, I2C, Serial, CAN etc.) present in the Waveforms GUI, but is there a preset to do the same in the API? (not just being able to read 0/1 but analyse the SPI/CAN bus) Thanks, Shabbir
  5. @attila Is there a code that can be used to have full Tx/Rx with SPI?
  6. @jpeyron Is it possible to Stream this data back to the laptop instead of saving it to a file and then exporting it? That will save me a lot of time that i can use for processing. Thanks, Shabbir
  7. @jpeyron So if i were to say do some processing on a 10MHz signal with >20MHz triggered sampling and then spit out the results to the laptop will i be able to get up to the these sampling speeds? My priority is the sampling and processing of the signals, not so much the streaming, so even if i am able to process the signal when i see one on the line and then just retrieve the data to my laptop i am good. Thanks, Shabbir
  8. @jpeyron Thank you for the quick response! I was going through some of the specs for the ADC sample rate and saw that it is still going to use USB 2.0 to talk to my laptop. How will i be able to do the advertised sample rate of 100MS/s if my bottle neck is the USB 2.0? Thanks, Shabbir
  9. Hi all, I am new to AD2 so this might be a trivial question. I have a project where i want to extract raw waveform data from AD2 and feed it to my program which is C/C++ and do my own processing on it. I need this to happen live when i am connected to the signal. As far as i have seen it is possible to save a captured signal as image or values statically but i need to to happen live. Is it possible to so this? Thanks in advance, Shabbir