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  1. Notarobot, I used correct pins, K14 and J14, you used them in your project (Vaux6), so I used them. With Vaux14 I would use N15 and N16. That's why I adjusted my devicetree: to comply with your project. I'm completely aware of this. That's what I'm trying to say. I'm sure I use right ports. There's no need to discuss that, I'd rather focus on the accuracy.
  2. I've successfully loaded FPGA with bitstream synthetized out of Notarobot's project and adjusted the devicetree (because he uses Vaux6 instead of Vaux14). Then I plugged the positive cord into K14 and negative cord into J14. With this configuration I get the same results as with my configuration. When the battery is not connected, I get very low values (around 60, that's what I'd expect). I had no luck with synthetizing XADC project from https://github.com/Digilent/ZYBO, I'm getting this error: [Synth 8-439] module 'xadc_wiz_0' not found ["/XADCdemo.v":59] I'm pretty sure it measures something, because values with connected (~1300) and disconnected battery (~60) significantly differ. The main problem is accuracy. How can I perform the calibration?
  3. I do instantiate XADC wizard in the PL, constraints are set properly too. FPGA is programmed before booting Linux from SD card. I also have XADC in the devicetree (otherwise I would not be able to read anything).
  4. Hi, I have recently instantiated XADC in my block design in Vivado and connected Vaux14 as single channel, unipolar. I read voltages through IIO driver in Xilinx Linux. When I read internal voltages and temperatures, everything seems to be fine. However, when I try to measure voltage of battery (0.8 V) by connecting it to N15 and N16 (PMODs wired up with Vaux14 input), I get rather unsatisfactory results. Reading raw value and dividing it with 4096 I'm supposed to get real voltage, but I get stable value around 1300, which makes only around 0.3 after division. When I connect battery with lower voltage, I get lower value, but still not correct. Signal generator gives incorrect value as well. Am I missing something, what prevents me from getting expected results? Thanks for replies.