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  1. Hi Jon, Sorry to bother you again, I've started to look into some code and I think I'll manage it but I still need some clarifications. I hope they will appear very basic for you but again, this is not my area of expertise :). When it is written in the Motor Adaptor Overview: "Speed/Torque is controlled by setting the duty cycle on the PWM0 pin". But If I want a permanent motor, should I send 100 to the pin or the maximum tension ? In addition, is this the pin that control the stop/start of the motor ? Thank you very much for your support. BR Simon
  2. Hi Jon, Thanks for the reply, I'll ask NI then. Have a nice day Simon
  3. Hello everybody, My name is Simon, I'm currently working in an R and T department, trying to design a prototype using the MyRIO motoradapter. My background is mechanical engineering and I already have made simple prototypes using python and a Phidgets motor adapter. But I have to use a MyRIO for this project and I have to code in C++ (no labview for me ) and here, the problem begins.... Have any of you ever seen such projects ? I can't find any example on the net and to be honest, the small exemple by NI on the C++ for MyRIO aren't clear for a newbie like me. Any help will be much appreciated, I can't find anything on the forum... The motor is not even started yet ! Have a nice day Simon