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  1. Hi @jpeyron, Thank you so much for the quick response. This is really going to help us move on with our project. We are going to try them out as soon as possible and may have a few follow up questions then. Thank you again so much, Zar
  2. Hello everyone, For a school project, my group is trying to make a 3D printer and we need to run 4 stepper motors (3 for motion and 1 for the extruder) using myRIO. Since we would need 4 drivers to run each motor, we are thinking of using a combination of these following adaptors. We are also wondering how could we control the heating element in the extruder using the myRIO controller? 2 of the Pmod Adapter for NI myRIO 4 of the Pmod STEP: Stepper Motor Driver (2 connecting to each Pmod Adaptor) 2 of the MXP extender cable We are not very familiar with electrical specs of devices and would love any help to clarify.