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  1. Medtronic

    mxp breadboard

    From the MYRio connector A, i am using the following pins 1,6,11,2,27,30,31, (maybe more soon) What connections match these on the MXP BREADBOARD if I connect it directly to MYRio (connector block A) Like pin 27 for example, where is this pin on the MXP BREADBOARD. I got it working the way i wanted, but i need to tidy up the wiring, thats why i want to connect the MXP breadboard to myrio, but the pins dont match the pin-outs on connector A. Like there are pins 0-15 on the MPX board, what connections do these match up to the myrio
  2. Medtronic

    Temperature sensor (PmodTMP3),

    I have a Temperature sensor (PmodTMP3),connected to Lab View, through myRIO, and want to be able to adjust the lower and upper temperature set points on the front panel. the default is 24.5 deg C and the upper is 26 deg C How can i change these setpoints