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  1. Hello all, I wish to receive 10 Mb of data through Ethernet using TCPIP protocol. I am newbie to LWIP so use Microblaze server demo code for reference. The problem i faced is i only able to receive 1460 bytes of data with echo server example code. I also added pbuf_copy_partial() function and specified pointer where data should be store but when i try to read data from pointer specified i am getting some garbage values. i also acknowledge packet reception but still i would't able to fix issue. i have also attach snapshot of code which i modified please suggest steps for data reception.
  2. Hello @jpeyron I have added MIG core now Window shows some different errors. please check snapshot fr list of errors. suggest solution to remove errors.
  3. please check below attachment which contains snapshot of xdc file associated with project. Thank you for reply,
  4. Hello all, I'm trying to implement Microblaze server on Nexys 4 DDR. Design steps are provide on official website, i follow same procedure as mention on website but while generating Bitstream following error pop up and synthesis failed. please suggest possible errors in design and modification to be done to block diagram. I have attach snap of error message and Block diagram below. PFA, Thanks in Advance Regards, Kumar Khandagle.