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  1. Thanks for the answers HansV and Nate. Part of the confusion I had was when I was using the 'standard' connectors (orange/striped orange and purple/striped purple). I wasn't sure if the negative connector was placed at the most negative point on the board or at ground. From the videos and feedback it seems that this connector should be placed at ground to avoid a short. My set up has a laptop , powered by an AC/DC adapter with a ground reference, connected to the Discovery 2. The Discovery 2 is powered by an adapter with a floating reference, and a PCB board is connected to an AC/DC adapter with a ground reference. So as long as the negative reference (striped orange / striped purple) of the oscilloscope is attached to ground on the PCB board everything is ok. Thanks guys for improving my understanding
  2. Hi, I recently purchased the Discovery 2 and the BNC adapter board (Pro kit). Could someone please clarify where the positive and negative connectors for the scope should be attached when monitoring an AC signal (+/- 12 V). Should the negative connector be attached to the negative rail? And when using the BNC adapter board should the negative connector be connected to ground (because the inputs are not differential)? I wanted to confirm the connections as I had a mishap and toasted my pcb's power supply whilst trying to use the waveform generator and the oscilloscope. Just trying to debug why that happened. I had the oscilloscope's negative connector connected to ground.