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  1. Hi, I'm using a nexys 3 sparten 6 fpga . I need to interface it with a keyboard, is there any core available to do that?
  2. sachin

    ethernet mac

    Hi, Can i have tutorial for bulding ethernet mac in nexys 3 board
  3. where do i give my input data? to ethernet mac?
  4. @[email protected] which all files needs to be opend by ise?
  5. which tool i need to use to open theese ip cores?? xilinx ise or edk? or xps
  6. thanks @[email protected] it's realy help full.. let me check on that
  7. but , how can i send some data from fpga to pc and display it? in ip core where do i give input data?
  8. hey!! can you help me to do ethernet communication of fpga with pc,, i checked ip cores in xilinx but i didnt get any idea how to use them..i m using nexys 3 sparten 6 board

  9. Can somebody help me to do ethernet communication between pc and my nexys 3 board, i didnt get any idea of using the ip core...