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  1. Thanks! I wasn't sure, I am trying to problem solve issues I am having here and wanted to rule that out as I'm a newb. I have a code that's written for the I/O shield to make the LEDs High when their corresponding switches are high or their buttons are pressed. It works perfectly fine when it is just the I/O shield & the MAx32 board. But when I put the Wi-Fi Shield in between, which gets all the same pins, 3 of the 8 LEDs are high no matter what I do. I bought the Wi-Fi shield from a 3rd party, but the Max32 & I/O shield directly from here. I just want to return it if it is faulty, &am
  2. Haha, I can't wait for the day that I confidently understand all of that. I am still new to all this and in college right now! I haven't taken a circuits class yet. We are playing with these in my assembly language/programming class. I know I am on the right track though, this is all very interesting and fun! Well that is weird. I setup the code to have all states on 0. And when I just have the I/O shield on there is no problem all the LEDs are low. When I put the WifiShield in between the Max32 & the I/O shield the LEDs light up despite all the switches being in the off state & t
  3. Ok, great! So doe that mean that not having these connected should not cause any issues with anything right? Thanks!
  4. When I connect the Wi-Fi Shield to the Max32 board and print out the state of the pins on the Wi-Fi Shield Vs the I/O shield I get completely different reactions, even though they connect to the same exact slots except for A6-A11 which aren't being used on the Wi-Fi shield & are left unconnected. With the I/O shield the pins are all low (as they should be, there is nothing in the code to make them go high. With the Wi-Fi Shield, & the same code, there are 3 pins that light up for no reason (the ones associated w/ Btn2&4 & SW1 on the I/O board. What could this be?
  5. With the Max32 board there is a whole row of pins not connected. Does this effect anything? It says they're compatible. Wifi-Shield = 802.11b It's A7-A11 according to the board, that is not connected.
  6. I bought a Wi-Fi Shield(B) recently. I'm new to all this. I have the Wi-Fi shield sandwiched in between the Max32 & the I/O shield. This is ok right? My main concern however is that the SW1 & the BTN2 & BTN4 are always high. I used the below code for example to test it & LD{1, 5 & 7} are always high. It is the switches & buttons, not the LD's, b/c other programs that don't involve those buttons don't light them up. And these programs work perfectly fine w/ the Max32 & I/O Shield. Did I do something wrong or is the device faulty? Thanks so much! // set p