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  1. Hi, Is it possible to measure counts with Analog discovery 2 or Digital Discovery? In fact, i need 2 gated counters with a start/stop control to measure the number of pulses during High and Low state of a square control signal (for digital synchronous demodulator) Best Regards ATu
  2. Hi attila, A pitty, i wanted to use this with all other measurement capabilities of this tool. I have something similar already implemented in a uC but AD converter and other stuff are far from the one integrated in AD2. Maybe the implementation of a simple counter triggered on a digital channel could do the job, I'll look if a can create a soft directly for it. Regards
  3. Hi attila, Do you have a suggestion how to measure a frequency and a duty-cycle in real time with an analog discovery 2 ?
  4. Hi attila, Tks for the reply. Is there another way to implement this real-time frequency measurement? Could you implement such a function into it? Regards
  5. Hi Thanks for the reply. In fact I already implemented such an analysis into a STM32 and into an FPGA and a Labview Acq unit. and I am not looking for a way to do this on other hardware. I find the Analog discovery 2 very nice and versatile tool and want to use it more for measurement applications. And as it includes an FPGA the type of measurements I'd like to do can probably be implemented easily. Does a design kit exists to directly access and reconfigure the HWD/FPGA at low-level? Or does someone has an idea on how to implement the required function? Regards
  6. Hi attila, Ideally i want to acquire at 10nS, but it could be done at lower freq. My first question is to verify if and how I can measure a frequency of a digital or analog signal, meaning I'd like to plot on the scope the instantaneous frequency of a signal which is FM modulated. On each rising or falling flank it plots 1/time separating this flank to the previous flank of same type. For an analog signal the flank will be the threshold crossing. Practically it means that for each flank or threshold cross a time stamp must be recorded, and the difference to the last
  7. Sorry for split, I want to measure real time and without the loss of pulses the instantaneous frequency of this digital signal. At each flank I want to extract, plot and save the frequency or the time between this flank and the previous flank of same type (rise-rise or fall-fall) Ideally this extraction should be done on rise-rise and fall-fall flanks of a signal. Ideally time resolution should be 10nS (0.1% of a 100kHz signal) How can this be done?
  8. Thanks attila. It is still unclear to me how to do this, so I'll try to explain the problem in a better way. I use a frequency modulated digital signal as input (digital is easier for the description) between 100Hz and 100kHz.
  9. Hi Dear Digilent Team, A question concerning the measurement capabilities ot the Analog Discovery 2 and WaveForm software: Is it possible to measure continously and "without losses" a frequency of an analog or digital entry? Goal is to log a frequency over a long period of time between EACH following flanks Optionnaly also measure times between flanks of different channels Examples: - Measure the freq/time between each following rising flanks of a channel - Measure the freq/time between each following falling flanks of a channel - Measure the freq/time between each fol