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  1. When I use the oscilloscope to capture a waveform, I need to be able to measure some small features on the waveform. Since the features are peculiar to this waveform, none of the automatic pre-defined measurements are relevant - nor could they be. What I need is the simplest digital feature, one that was first added to analogue scopes about 30 years ago...


    I would like to be able to manually place two cursors on the screen, and for Waveforms to indicate the equivalent voltage and time of both cursors, plus the time and voltage differences. Ideally Waveforms would also draw light horizontal/vertical lines through both cursors.


    The nearest I've found to this is that when positioning a zoom window, something similar appears on the display, but obviously that is not the same and isn't easy to use to measure a waveform.


    What's the best way to achieve my objectives? I'm sure I've missed something simple :)