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  1. thanks a lot for taking out time and going through it..actually sir, i am very new to fpga and vhdl so i found this code on net to learn the first code attached above is working appropriately giving elaborated design.....but when I add source and port map the second code the following errors are i have attached the snapshot of the error....i also searched verilog code online but was not able to find it or compile it....however it would be great help if code go through these errors and guide me how should i make changes in the code....Thanx a lot again...
  2. actually found this code from one of the pdf available on the net....the first code is perfectly giving the elaborated design but after adding source and adding second file that is "keyboard_top" i am getting the following error.... here are the screen shot of the error....please tell me the changes i need to make in the code to interface the keyboard
  3. thanks a lot sir.......this has been a great more thing i would like to ask you regarding the vhdl code for the interfacing.... i have attached 2 file which contains code.. one is main code "keyboard" and other is sub module "keyboard_top" using port maping, now can u please check if the code is appropriate or not as in the second code name "keyboard_top"in the third line use work.ps2_compnents.all; vivado is showing error...please help me out as i am a self learner and its very difficult to get information ...Thanks again for help..:) keyboard.txt keyboard_top.txt
  4. I want to interface keyboard with artix 7 nexys 4 fpga board....which keyboard can we interface that is usb or ps/2 keyboards ....if both please tell me how. also can we program fpga for ps/2 keybpard and interface with usb pin using ps2 to usb converter....???