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  1. Thanks for the answer jpeyron. Hopefully in a future iteration they provide the option of changing the I/O voltage of at least one bank. Just provides more flexibility to the user. Thanks
  2. am using the ARTY 7 evaluation board from digilent which used the Artix-7 x35AT cpg324 packaging. Using one of the general purpose I/O banks i want to configure it for 1.8V configuration. (I am using this for 3-wire SPI to generate the spi clock and read the output from my ADC which are at 1.8V) I looked through the documentation to configure this on the board and after going through all the relevant documents i am still unable to configure the I/O to LVCMOS18 standard. Here is the table which mentions how to configure the files And here is how i have configured in the XDC