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  1. Hi, I have been making progress with the Zynq tutorials on Zedboard and currently stuck at the LED_controller_test_tut_4A which is about designing Zynq IP in HDL. I went through the steps and am able to run the SW application. The console shows me the LED values output but the LEDs are not flashing(not driven). Is this a known issue with the tutorial files. I am using Vivado, SDK 2015.4 LED value: 19 LED value: 20 LED value: 21 LED value: 22 LED value: 23 LED value: 24 LED value: 25 LED value: 26 LED value: 27 LED value: 28 LED value: 29 LED value: 30 LED value: 31 Appreciate your experience or clues before I dig deep. Regards, Gnanam
  2. Jon, Thanks for following up with your test results. Meanwhile, I reviewed what could have gone wrong and started doing the project from scratch which seemed to have solved the issue of generating the xgpio.h files as well. Previously, I had used the bitfile from a different project with the same block design and imported it into the current project which seemed to have the issue. It has the same block design and bit files should be not different in the 2 approaches. There are probably nuances in the 2 approaches causing the mismatch in the header files generated. Now I see the same results as yours as well. Thank you again for the quick response. regards, Gnanam
  3. Hi, Thanks for the responses and getting me warmed up to the forum. I see that in all the BSP include files generated, the xgpiops.h files exists but not the xgpio.h file which is the file thaat LED_test_tut_1C.c is including. /* Include Files */ #include "xparameters.h" #include "xgpio.h" #include "xstatus.h" #include "xil_printf.h" I am doing the tutorial 1C Zynq PS with AXI GPIO IP instantiation with 2015.4 -Gnanam
  4. Hi I am trying out the tutorial 1C on LED test from Zynq book tutorials with Vivado SDK 2015.4 and I get missing include files xgpio.h. I rather see only an xgpiops.h in the bsp include directory. What might be the basic issue?