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  1. Audio Output from BASYS3

    Thanks again! I will review your info,... and probably be back with more questions. Have a GREAT DAY!
  2. Audio Output from BASYS3

    BINGO! That was it! I'm a little embarrassed that I read that so wrong! Thank you! Next question...Can this also be used for integer values or do I need a std_logic_vector?
  3. Audio Output from BASYS3

    I am getting 3.3v across JB3:B15 and 1.62v across JB1:A14
  4. Audio Output from BASYS3

    I created an output bit sound enable {senb} and force it high when the counter enable is high. I tied it to board output JB3:B15 ##Pmod Header JB ##Sch name = JB1 set_property PACKAGE_PIN A14 [get_ports {dataout}] set_property IOSTANDARD LVCMOS33 [get_ports {dataout}] ##Sch name = JB3 set_property PACKAGE_PIN B15 [get_ports {senb}] set_property IOSTANDARD LVCMOS33 [get_ports {senb}] I ran the simulation on Aldec-HDL and it shows senb to be operating correctly. I still do not get sound. I will check for voltage at JB3:B15 next. Any other ideas?
  5. Audio Output from BASYS3

    I am working on a school project making a sound (tone/ multi-tone) generator using a BASYS3 and Vivado. I am having trouble getting the sound part out. As a test I wrote a simple VHDL program to create a 357Hz square wave. I declared an output bit 'dataout'. I ran a simulation using Aldec-HDL Student Edition and I am getting the output squareware. I am using the PmodAMP2 connected to JB1 top row. In my xdc file I have dataout assigned to A14 ##Pmod Header JB ##Sch name = JB1 set_property PACKAGE_PIN A14 [get_ports {dataout}] set_property IOSTANDARD LVCMOS33 [get_ports {dataout}] I have connected stereo headphones to the PmodAMP2 jack. I get NO sound output. To test my board and program I set all the leds to light thru the counter. They work and flicker at different rates relative to where they are in the counter. But still no sound. What I am doing wrong? Is PmodAMP2 the right add-on to use or should I try PmodR2R? It shouldn't matter, but are the headphones causing the issue? The ref. sheet says 2.5 watt output. I also have questions about outputting integer values to the PmodAMP2 or PmodR2R. The BASYS3 and Pmod Reference manuals are not helping. One of my planned files has an integer range -92000 to 92000 (roughly). Please help!