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  1. Hi @r2tjandr Such reference resistor selection should be easy to implement in custom software. You have a Script example for under Custom Mode, which adjusts the amplitude and selects resistor value. The Amplitude mode is implemented similar to this.
  2. Hi @Pavel_47 The LD2 is lit for at least 166ms for each capture. If the repeated captures are often than this it will stay lit continuously. With (20ms/div) 200ms capture, having the trigger in middle means 100ms triggered state, so it will stay lit for 166ms and +34ms off, (34ms + delay in trigger + data processing) With (10ms/div) 100ms capture, it will stay continuously lit if the trigger is arriving it time, <66ms You should start seeing pulsing with at least 16.7 ms/div
  3. Hi @Frank.Muenzner 2. I'm working on implementing such recording for the VIs Hope to give you a version with this in a few days.
  4. Hi @Pavel_47 The led is lit during logic analyzer triggered state (trig->done) but at minimum of 166ms in order to show short captures too. It the capture is long or the rate is high the led will stay lit for longer. The Protocol tool also uses the logic analyzer and its triggering mechanism so it may be lit also when using this tool.
  5. Hi @jtoakes52 The two NC7SZ126 buffers, on the bottom on the left of the 'e' sign, could be damaged. Or/and the FPGA could be damaged as well...
  6. Hi @r2tjandr In IA mode (8) the reference resistor of the IA Adapter is changed with the FDwfAnalogImpedanceReferenceSet function.
  7. Hi @Frank.Muenzner 2. You can find the example in the WF SDK/ samples/ py 3. Yes it can capture on both channels. You can find VIs and SDK/C-API functions for triggering. See the VIs help, SDK manual and examples.
  8. Hi @Pavel_47 The LD2 on Digital Discovery indicates the following: - white: logic analyzer is triggered - blue: auto triggered
  9. Hi @slaccio The WF SDK provides raw data, the measurements are available only in the WF app. See the following post:
  10. Hi @[email protected] With the VIs only the first device configuration is available in which the digital input threshold is ~1.5V Eventually you could call the FDwfDeviceConfigOpen(-1, 4, &hdwf) C function, before calling the MSO Initialize VI. In the 5th (idx 4) AD configuration the threshold is ~0.5V
  11. Hi @riscy00 The device does not use COM based interface but proprietary high-speed parallel communication.
  12. Hi @riscy00 The instruments beside WF app can be controlled with custom apps/scripts using the WF SDK, LabView AD toolkit, MATLAB DAQ toolbox You can also use the dwfcmd app to control it.
  13. Hi @Yasir-z Toggle the Enable checkbox in the Wavegen after the Run/Stop button.
  14. Hi @Kier This is a very corner case bug The last word is not marked when: the SPI sampling is on falling edge, there are even number of words and the last word equals to the one before. Thank you for the observation. It is fixed for the next software release.
  15. Hi @Weevil I wanted to try interfacing UWP with the dll, installed UWP (10GB) but enabling developer mode in Win10 fails... The dwf.dll exposes C API and it is build with VS2008 for backward compatibility. Does the following help?
  16. Hi @Yasir-z You could use DC voltage since offset on enable/disable has a few ms settle time, a ramp-up/down. I don't understand what do you mean by "constant voltage and frequency"
  17. Hi @ATu You could perform Record with Logic Analyzer then analyze the signal. You could use Patterns ROM logic for control signal. See the following:
  18. Hi @Phat Such problem usually is due to bag/incompatible cable. Try using the original, if you have it, or try other cables. Is the device or anything listed in the Window's Device Manager? See:
  19. Hi @Weevil You can find the CS and VB wrappers in WF SDK/ samples/ cs and vb
  20. Hi @Shalom Routing the Scope lines on the BNC adapter also to the wire end would highly increase the capacitance, making it incompatible with 10x probe, and it would provide single ended channels. The Wavegen outputs have zero impedance, so these could be routed without major implications, but for similarity these are also only available on the BNC connectors.
  21. Hi @Zebel The measurements are available only in the app and not from sdk.