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  1. Hi @greig Probably you have an older version of WF, without alldata property. You can find the latest version at: You can use writeFloat for 32bit or writeDouble for 64bit floating point data. for(var c = 0; c < 2; c++){ var file = File("~/Desktop/AD/acq"+i+".ch"+c+".bin") file.writeFloat([c].alldata) }
  2. Hi @clf I haven't heard of such products appearing in the near future. Thank you for sharing your wish.
  3. patterns

    Hi @Nick The Script tool is intended to automate things, to extend the GUI features. What can be done in the GUI, is easier to do there, like: setup channels, naming, static configuration... Then, use the Script to adjust parameters that need to be changed, write log... like: changing PWM duty based on some scope measurements. You can save the Script together with the other instruments in workspace, so there is no need to make all the setup in Script. Regarding your script questions: set both label and name, in certain cases the label is show in other one the name: Patterns1.Channels.DIO0.label = = "Testing" use .Pin Patterns1.Channels.DIO0.Pin.value = 1 or Patterns1.Channels.DIO0.Pin.text = "DIO 1" press Ctrl+Space to see the object children, like the DIO parameters: use: Patterns1.Channels.DIO0.Output.text = "PP"
  4. Hi @holla2040 Mouse scroll on the time base combo box changes this value by selecting another value from the drop list, 1us/div, 2us/div, 5us/div... The change from one value to another is not direct but gradual. You can select the speed of animation or disable it under Settings/Options/Animation. Scroll on the plot area or horizontal scale performs zoom in/out having in focus the pointer position. This changes the time position and base in such a way to keep the position under the pointer fixed. Having the shift key pressed slows down and the ctrl key speeds up the zoom. The alt key changes the scroll function from zoom to position change. Could you tell us what are the things you would like to have differently?
  5. Hi @greig The above code is for the Script interface. Try using it in this.
  6. Hi @Mark1000 I'm not sure what could be wrong there. The easiest solution would be connecting your laptop to internet and letting Windows update to install the driver. You can try installing the following latest FTDI driver: In case this you still see the exclamation try uninstalling the existing driver, see:
  7. scope

    Hi @Nick The ~ (tilde) is a notation for user home folder. For paths absolute (C:/temp/myfile.txt) or relative to home should be specified. When writing files note that Windows does not allow saving to certain folders: C:/, C:/Windows/ ...
  8. Hi @Mark1000 Does WaveForms application start ? If yes, the MS-VC-RT dependencies are installed. Do you see any device in WaveForms Setting/Device Manager ? Does any device show up under "My device is not listed" after pressing "Find Devices" ? Does "USB Serial Converter" show up in Windows Device Manager ? Does it have any warning sign or does it show "This device is working properly." under Properties/General tab ? If you leave it connected for a minute, does any other device like "unknown device" show up ? Did you have any errors during install ? like USB driver installation failed ? The latest USB driver normally should be installed by Windows Update. The earlier mentioned "MS Visual C++ 2008 (9.0 runtime) not installed" was not an error just a confirmation to download and install it form the internet
  9. scope

    Hi @Nick The is working for me on this file. The readArray() splits the text by any of the following: comma, space or new line. You can also read() all the text and split("\n") by new line.
  10. Hi @HansV The trigger on Protocol value should work. First please make sure the UART rate is properly configured, then set the value to trigger on.
  11. scope

    Hi @Nick Could you send me the file you want to read?
  12. Hi @Mark1000 The kit, Silent... are additional information who need it. It is suffice to manually install the links.
  13. scope

    Hi @Nick Try using .alldata to get all the acquisition data. The .data returns only the visible samples. Thank you for the observation.
  14. Hi @Mark1000 The WaveFroms 2015 (v3) Windows installer can be launched in silent mode from command prompt or batch script: > digilent.waveforms_v3.5.4.exe /S /AllUsers In order to use the local version of the requirements, have these setups in a directory named "Kit" next to the installer. You can also install these before installing WaveForms, but a restart is required in between. - WindowsInstaller (this is only needed for Windows XP without SP) file: WindowsInstaller-KB893803-v2-x86.exe - VC runtime 9 (2008) x86 SP1 + MFC update (needed by Adept Runtime and custom DWF SDK applications) file: vcredist_x86.exe On 64 bit Windows the following are also needed: - VC runtime 9 (2008) x64 SP1 + MFC update (needed by Adept Runtime and custom DWF SDK applications) file: vcredist_x64.exe - VC runtime 12 (2013) x64 (needed by WaveForms application) file: vcredist12_x64.exe Command line argument: /S - Silent mode installation without GUI. The driver installation might ask for allowance. /CurrentUser|AllUsers - Create shortcuts for current user or for all users. Only available on first install, when no other Digilent Software is installed. /QuickLaunch - Create Quick Launch shortcut only for Windows XP. /LogFile="log file" - The installer will append the installation log file to this. The log file must exist. /Architecture32 - Force to install 32bit version of WaveForms application on 64bit systems. /D=path to install - Install directory. It must be the last parameter used in the command line and must not contain any quotes, even if the path contains spaces. Only absolute paths are supported.
  15. Hi @shabbirahmed Unfortunately no, the protocol interpreters are in the application.