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  1. Hi @Enbyted Did you try reinstalling the digilent.adept.runtime ? It could also be a kernel related issue...
  2. Hi @AaronQ With WF SDK the FDwfAnalogInStatus(hdwf, 0, 0) FDwfAnalogInStatusSample(hdwf, N, &V) return only one sample per channel. This is not available with WF app but for low latency make sure to: - set Trigger None - high sample Rate (low time base) - use only the Scope.wait() in the loop, this will perform a capture - have the Scope interface in background to avoid CPU time on drawing + you could use average measurement to reduce noise in reading
  3. Hi @Sid Price // rgData: input, raw digital data array // rgValue: output, decoded data array // rgFlag: output, decoded flag array cData = rgData.length clkPrev = 0 const stIdle = 0 const stStart = 1 const stDir = 2 const stCmd = 3 const stCont = 4 const stCrc = 5 const stEnd = 6 stNext = state = stIdle cBit = 0 iStart = 0 fsData = 0 // DIO: 0=CLK 1=CMD for(var i = 0; i < cData; i++){ sample = rgData[i] clk = sample & 1 if(clkPrev == 0 && clk != 0){ // sample on clock rising edge // process the next data bit bit = (sample >> 1
  4. Hi @Andy Krajecki Please follow the troubleshooting steps: Are the yellow and red LEDs lit up? It is detected in Windows Device Manager? If so, what VID/PID is shown? I don't think you have EE revA, this revision was never produced, the first prototype was revB in 2008, but this does not really matter Please attach screenshot with the error, Alt+PrtSc and Ctrl+V in the post. If you are getting 80010000 when running DigilentFX2Repair.exe app, this indicates USB driver install error. Try connectin
  5. Hi @Walter76 You can use SampleAt or the other available methods, data...
  6. Hi @Makelani To solve this problem you could use the devices on different computers or attach one of them to a virtual machine. You could also use different VID for your custom device and driver to not to interfere with the other "generic" FTDI devices. For AD we have used the default FTDI VID/PID since changing this would have required us to sign the windows driver each time an update is released, and years ago fix updates were pushed out too often.
  7. Hi @DontP4nic In the layout the pads with white highlight are GND and green 3V3
  8. Hi @Sid Price It is probably crosstalk between the wires. Make sure to have ground connection, try to leave space between the wires, twist with ground wire like it is on the HS adapter, try using the DIO lines... See the following post:
  9. Hi @DontP4nic This sounds to be a contact issue on the USB connection. The USB connector internal place could be broken by forcing flipped microUSB cable, issue with the connector soldering to PCB, the ferrites under the connector on the other side of the PCB damaged by high current... You can find troubleshooting instructions, pieces of layout in the following post:
  10. Hi @highspeed The supported sample formats are 8, 16, 32 See the following example WF SDK/samples/py.
  11. Hi @alexpeck You could switch with Script the Protocol between I2C and SPI but this may require a few milliseconds in which you could loose your bridge response. To overcome this you would have to add delay in your bridge between I2C reception and SPI transmission. Another way would be using the Protocol with Logic Analyzer, option in top-right edge of the Protocol. Use the events in Logic Analyzer to verify the I2C and/or SPI data. These are returned as array of text (by default hex) that can be parsed like this: var rgMosi = []
  12. Hi @brha0386 var rg = String(FileRead("~/Desktop/default.csv")).trim().split('\n') Patterns.Channels.DIO0.custom = rg
  13. Hi @mjacome Yes. I wanted to say in the above example 1- to W2 and 1+ to W1.