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  1. AD2 device name in c#

    Hi @Mattflorida The string handling of the C# wrapper is corrected in WaveForms beta v3.7.19 You can also find the updated wrapper files in the following post:
  2. Export Oscope image from script? Waveforms

    Hi @Michael_Noel The script has access to the basic objects behind the user interface, to control the instruments and set/get data. At the moment there is no option to export image from script but I will try to add such option in the future.
  3. Demonstrate AM vs. FM for Ham Radio

    Hi @Kristoff Yes, with WaveForms and Analog Discovery you can generate standard and custom waveforms, apply amplitude and frequency modulation. Long waveforms, like audio data can be played/streamed to device. This can be used as direct output or to modulate the output signal...
  4. Demonstrate AM vs. FM for Ham Radio

    Hi @skawamae On the following page press the More button to see a comparison. I think you should decide on the parameters like Scope input bandwidth, sample rate and software features. For details see: You can try both in demo mode to see the software features and some of the hardware limitations: WaveForms Live for Open Scope: WaveForms for Analog Discovery 2:
  5. Device configuration failed (Scope chip id) 0xC0

    Hi @Famartinez76 Unfortunately not only the ID verification fails but further problems are detected, so it looks like the Scope ADC in the device is damaged.
  6. Device configuration failed (Scope chip id) 0xC0

    Hi @Famartinez76 The software you received in private message handles the error as warning. You can give it a try to see if despite the wrong IC ID it is working. Invalid ID could indicate damaged IC, but generally these are just 0s or 1s, 0x00 or 0xFF Let us know what you find.
  7. Device configuration failed (Scope chip id) 0xC0

    Hi @JColvin The FTDI EEPROM reprogramming is only and only needed when the device is not detected/recognized by the software (Adept, WaveForms, Xilinx SDK...). This happens when the content (Digilent ID, SN) was erased by another application like FTProg. Unneeded reprogramming could lead to missprogramming the device, like programming AD as AD2 and we end up with more hassle to solve...
  8. Device configuration failed (Scope chip id) 0xC0

    Hi @Famartinez76 Please do not try to reprogram the EEPROM, since it will not solve the problem you are facing. The error indicates that the ID of the internal ADC IC is not read correctly. I will try to look into this, what could cause such malfunction.
  9. Hi @Jacob Only the Electronics Explorer has 32 digital IO lines. The Digital Discovery has 16 Digital IOs and 24 Digital Inputs. You could use 16+16 or 24+8 to capture 32 lines but due to different input stages there could be a few nanosecond delay skew between the IOs and inputs.
  10. Advanced Trigger for Logic Analyzer

    Hi @Manny Press Alt+F11 in WaveForms main window before opening the Logic Analyzer. With the Advanced button configure the following trigger. This will wait for the line to be at least 2ms stable (no edge on DIO-0), then after the following rising edge (pulse 610us/2) it will start sampling the line (deserialize) at 610us intervals and trigger if it reads AA (10101010) pattern. To have a more restrictive match for the pulse length set the bit to 152.5us (610/4) and look for 32 (4*8) positions with 0xF0F0F0F0, "11110000111100001111000011110000" pattern.
  11. Suggestion for impedance analyzer

    Hi @gasstationwithoutpumps Sorry, but I'm not sure if I can follow your suggestions. It looks like we are thinking a bit differently Would the following options, that describe the whole circuit connections be easier to understand? W1-C1-DUT-C2-R-GND W1-C1-R-C2-DUT-GND The measurement results with differential connection with wide range, at extreme R/DUT ratio were bad. The best, consistent results at wide range I obtained with W1-C1-DUT-C2-R-GND
  12. Advanced Trigger for Logic Analyzer

    Hi @Manny Could you send a project with some captured data?
  13. Adding switches for coupling on the BNC board

    Hi @kojak I don't think it will influence the measurements to much, since the wiring will be short.
  14. Hi @kojak The error is reported when at the end of a chip select active cycle there are leftover bits, when the sampling clock edges are not equal to: Command_bits + N x Data_bits. Added for the next software version to report the leftover bit number and value. Setting higher value should be ok if there are no glitches on the signal, like ringing, slow slew, crosstalk... due to excessive wiring...
  15. More notes in saved files

    Hi @gasstationwithoutpumps Thank you for bringing this up again. Now I moved it to the top of the to-do list, so more detail will be added for the next version.