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  1. attila

    AD2 Device configuration failed error

    Hi @garryf Each device passes through testing and calibration procedure which adjusts the offset and gain for each Scope, AWG channel and supplies, and makes sure that each parameter covers the specifications. On this device it might be a cold solder on ADC IC (ID is not read correctly) or more likely on the internal analog power supply line. I have see a similar issue more than a year ago... For warranty and replacement please contact support at digilentinc dot com specifying the Date of Purchase, Seller and Purchase Order/ Web order Number.
  2. Hi @dondoyle You can find the Analog Discovery 2 specifications on the following page: The reference manual: The application features can be explored in demo mode. Note that some functions are not supported or not simulated in demo mode, like: triggering, UART, SPI, I2C protocols...
  3. Hi @joel I think you have enabled showing of hidden files. With default macOS settings it looks like this. Thank you for the observation. I will try to arrange the hidden folders in the DMG, for the next release.
  4. attila

    Interfacing FPGA with Analog Discovery 1

    Hi @slearn You can generate a DC level and a signal with Wavegen (AWG) channels, and see the input and output of your FPGA using the Scope channels. Don't forget to connect the ground of the AD to the FPGA. Note: The AWG outputs of Analog Discovery (1 & 2) might show a spike during software connect/disconnect. To protect the possibly sensitive LVDS circuit make sure to attach the wires to the FPGA only after you have connected and configured it from the application. Analog Discovery 1: Analog Discovery 2:
  5. attila

    How to mange custom scope measurements

    Hi @TerryF - How/where are custom measurements saved? Are custom measurement scripts they stored internal to Waveforms based on their name in the measurement editor window? Yes. The custom measurements are saved/loaded with the workspace. - What does the script->save menu do - let you save for off-line editing only? Yes. - How do you remove custom measurement scripts from the "add measurement" menu? At the moment there is no way to implicitly remove one, but creating a new workspace (main WaveForms window New button) the custom list get cleared. - What is the correct way for creating and managing custom measurement scripts? The measurements are part of the workspace, but you can also save or copy/paste them into other documents to have them for reference. - Is there documentation/resources that already exist that can be referred to? See the Help of the application, Help tab or Help/Browse.
  6. attila

    SPI with AD2

    Hi @Lakshmi Tejas M A Unfortunately SPI slave is not supported.
  7. attila

    SPI with AD2

    Hi @Lakshmi Tejas M A Did you connect anything to the MISO? Connecting a wire from DIO 2 to 3 for loopback, it receives what it sends out: DWF Version: b'3.8.9' Opening first device Configuring Digital In... Configuring SPI master... Configuring SPI spy... Type data array to send and press enter, like: 1 2 3 1 2 3 Sending: [1, 2, 3] bits:25 spy mosi|miso : 0x1 | 0x1 0x2 | 0x2 0x3 | 0x3 Type data array to send and press enter, like: 1 2 3 1 2 3 Sending: [1, 2, 3] bits:25 spy mosi|miso : 0x1 | 0x1 0x2 | 0x2 0x3 | 0x3 Type data array to send and press enter, like: 1 2 3 1 2 3 4 3 Sending: [1, 2, 3, 4, 3] bits:41 spy mosi|miso : 0x1 | 0x1 0x2 | 0x2 0x3 | 0x3 0x4 | 0x4 0x3 | 0x3 Type data array to send and press enter, like: 1 2 3
  8. Hi @Mrmilad Could you provide more information about your experiment? I don't understand what you want to achieve... The AWG output of the device is relative to the GND, so you can connect the capacitor negative side to the GND and can generate +/-2V signal relative to this. The device has 2 AWG channels, so you can 'charge' two capacitors with 1 device...
  9. attila

    Waveform 3.8.2 crasches on Debian 10 x64

    Hi @nolange79 I will look into this issue. The SSL is required for update checking, the application is usable with this warnings.
  10. attila

    AD2 Short Circuit

    Hi @Igor Luiz Good to hear that you have fixed one of the device. You have a working device to compare with the other one. The FTDI is 'directly' supplied from USB 5V and the builtin 3.3V/1.8V regulator is used. Let us know if you need any help.
  11. Hi @Mrmilad You can find educational materials on: I think two AWG channels from one device are sufficient for your experiment. These can be easily synchronized with the Synchronized or Auto sync options: Synchronizing two devices is a bit complicated. Let me know if you really need 4 AWG channels from 2 devices.
  12. attila

    AD2 Short Circuit

    Hi @Igor Luiz I was hoping to have only the ferrites (FB18,19 under USB connector) or the power switch (IC20) damaged, which are easy to fix. Having further issues, I don't think it worth continuing the troubleshooting, the repair might cost more than the device... When the device is running in idle (FGPA programmed, oscillators, ADs, DAs) should consume about 1.4W (300mA) Exactly what error message do you get? In case the LED starts to blink the FPGA got programmed.
  13. attila

    Measurement of PWM parameters by using Python

    Hi @Giri Prasad N The WaveForms application provides an user interface with a set of processing, measurements, views... You can use the Script interface to automate tasks, logging with java-script. You can also use scripts to create custom math, measurements... The WaveForms SDK provides low level functions to control and capture data from the device. The data processing and measurements needs to be done in your custom application.
  14. Hi @Mrmilad The AWG outputs (W1/2) of AD2 are relative to the device GND. The Scope inputs are differential but not floating, have dependency on the device GND. Here you can find the AD2 reference manual:
  15. attila

    Analog Discovery 2 AWG Pulse Jitter

    Hi @Tobi Please select "Auto sync". The limited run will force the signal to restart from phase zero for each period. With continuous run the signal might generated at different samples phases in each period. This is useful for signals except for square.