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  1. Hi @Old Printer As long the device is detected by the WF application there is no problem with the EEPROM. With this new version of software the device can be reprogrammed, using the "My device is not listed" button. Since you have tried using other computers, cables, powered hub; it is likely that the device is damaged. Right before the PLL configuration the internal power supplies are enabled. In case some internal chip is damaged and making short circuit, this could result high current load, device disconnect, and the following communication fails at PLL configuration. Was the device earlier subject to some dangerous experiment? For warranty and replacement contact specifying the Date of Purchase, Seller and Purchase Order/ Web order Number.
  2. Hi @MJHanagan To compare the device readings try to measure the same lines, like X + Y with both devices. For fine tuning you could try to recalibrate the devices using the WaveForms application/ Settings/ Device Manager/ Calibrate. To have high resolution readings (~0.3mV) make sure to be in high gain, 5Vpk2pk. For this, set channel ranges to 5V and offset to -2V, this will cover -0.5V ... +4.5V.
  3. Hi @D@n There are slight differences when running the application on different platforms. I find Fusion style nicer than GTK on Linux. I'm thinking to make this default for Linux. WaveForms/Settings/Options or press the gear in bottom-right corner of the window.
  4. No problem @HansV I'm glad to be able to help you. This is the purpose of the forum, ask if you have any question.
  5. Hi @D@n The X cursors can be added from bottom the left corner in Scope, Logic, Spectrum... The values are shown as tooltip and options can be adjusted under each cursor dropdown. The X Cursor panel can be opened under View menu. This shows the values and cursor options permanently.
  6. Hi @HansV The "quick measure" you are referring is a dynamic cursor and it is not saved in workspace. Try using the X Cursors instead. You can use with "X Cursors" panel, to have the values in front, or without this, where the values are shown as tooltip and you can add the cursors from bottom left corner.
  7. Hi @HansV All the instruments and its options, views, cursors, data... are saved/loaded with workspace. With workspace save as type option (in save file dialog under the file name field) you can choose to save acquisition data or not, this to reduce file size. You can also have multiple Scope interfaces opened with Ctrl key + Scope button or Scope menu /File/New/Clone|Empty.
  8. Hi @ATu Please take a look at the following post:
  9. Hi @kridnix Please take a look at the following posts:
  10. The first WF application (v2.x) is based on .Net and supported on Windows. The WF v3.x was entirely rewritten using Qt to be cross platform. The first release happened to be in 2015 and 2015 was added as a branding for the application name. This, to differentiate it from the earlier WF v2 application. The name would be still trendy if we have called it WF 2020
  11. Hi @gasstationwithoutpumps Could you share or send me your sensor script? What informations do you think are missing from the help? What kind of things did you have to figure out?
  12. @D@n You might also notice gray lines. These mark noise, more than one transition between two sample points when sampling rate is less than 100MHz. Noise at 160us: between 7-7.2us In this case you can repeat the acquisition at higher rate to have more information about the transitions.
  13. Hi @D@n These display glitches, thin lines are solved for the next software release. Thank you again.
  14. Hi @D@n Finally I see the "glitches" you are talking about. It is very hard to notice on my high resolution monitor. These thin vertical lines show up with Plot Width of 3 or 4. Please use width 1 or 2 until this gets fixed. Thank you for the observation.
  15. Hi @Michelle In Scope configure trigger Normal, source Wavegen 1, press Single or Run and start Wavegen.