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  1. attila

    Code example for impedance analyzer AD2

    Hi @sprik Functions for impedance analysis were added in WaveForms beta v3.8.8, you can use the latest version from here: See the examples: at: C:\Program Files (x86)\Digilent\WaveFormsSDK\samples\py\
  2. Hi @denizcan In the device initially only the USB is operational, the digital circuitry is supplied but not functioning, the analog rails are not even supplied. The USB tester shows ~80mA. On software connection the digital circuitry gets programmed/configured and analog rails enabled. Event if you are not performing acquisition or not generating signal, PLLs, the scope input (amplifiers, ADC) and Wavegen (DAC, amplifiers)... are operational and consuming power. In this mode it takes about 300-400mA + load on Wavegens, supplies, DIOs...
  3. Hi @denizcan To have locked trigger position and rate select the Record Mode, option after the Run/Stop/Record button.
  4. attila

    AD2 and WF Communication Failed error popup

    On Raspberry PI it is some problem with the software fifo in the usb library, the data is altered or bytes are lost. This manifests in wrong data reception or communication error. I didn't notice any errors in the USB protocol (CRC, handshake) but with the higher level usb library. Due to this most of the time you can't even connect with the RPI, in the best case you can perform one acquisition before the error rises. The communication between the software (waveforms runtime) and device (firmware) is based on two fifo channels, download and upload. For upload software sends a packet of data requesting a certain amount of bytes to be uploaded by the device, then it waits to receive this data. The ERC 0x2 indicates that it did not receive the requested data. Due to this the communication can get out of sequence and simple retry won't help. Such communication errors should be handled/resolved at the USB level... I have not seen such problem except the known RPI issue, but I will try to reproduce leaving captures running overnight.
  5. Hi @denizcan Try using another USB cable, USB hub.
  6. attila

    Impedance Analyzer offset bug

    The application displays the following warning when the signal is out of or close to current scope input range.
  7. Currently the Script XY plot mode on supports X/Y1, setting X data only Y1 will be drawn. I'm not sure what kind of charts are you drawing but you could also set data for scope reference channels and spectrum, network, impedance, analyzer traces, this way you have more options for charts, export, measurements...
  8. attila

    AD2 and WF Communication Failed error popup

    The data transfer timeout over USB is set to 10s which should be more than suffice to transfer 16k samples (64kB). I suppose there is some OS/kernel or laptop/hardware issue.
  9. attila

    Possible Waveform log filename entry bug

    Thank you for the observation. This issues is fixed for the software release after the next one.
  10. attila

    More info on trigger out from AD2

    The device manager and options can also be opened from the status bar of the application, see device name and gear in bottom-right.
  11. Hi @Bruce Boyes 1.3 In record mode changing the time base does not adjust the sample rate. 1.4 The record rate is limited by the available USB bandwidth, connecting multiple devices to the same root hub could reduce the performance, also try to uncheck the Noise option. With a similar laptop I can record at 1-2MHz. 1.6 The trigger is available also in record mode, you may want to set Normal triggering instead Auto. 1.7 The record is immediately started, to have pre-trigger data, but it will be stopped after the specified trigger position. 1.10 You can use as Trigger output the Scope option instead the "Scope detector". 1.11 You could use the Script to automate the Recording. 2.5 The position and rate are locked in Record mode, in Repeated are not locked.
  12. attila

    Impedance Analyzer offset bug

    Hi @gasstationwithoutpumps You are right. Initially I wanted the Auto parameter to be determined based on measurements, like in the NA, but in IA adjusting the range/offset might require redoing the open/short compensation, so the Auto option in IA was left on predetermined value. Thank you for the observation.
  13. attila

    Math on FFT traces

    Szia @Andras For the earlier examples Trace 1 and 2 should be in Sample mode, without any averaging. The script takes the data from these and calculates the average and difference for traces 3, 4, 5 Having Hold as Channel source the Type has no effect since the trace is not updated by the Spectrum interface. In the above examples traces 3,4,5 are in hold and updated by the script.
  14. attila

    AD2 and WF Communication Failed error popup

    Hi @Bruce Boyes This ERC 0x2 indicates communication timeout error. You could try disabling the usb autosuspend in the OS/kernel.
  15. attila

    More info on trigger out from AD2

    Hi @Bruce Boyes I don't know which tools you are not finding... You can select the AD to output the Scope as trigger and synchronise the devices based on this. This will output high when the Scope is triggered, storing the samples after T0, ensuring that the same trigger is captured. The "Scope detector" fires on trigger condition which might find the Scope in Armed state or not. Here the external trigger 1 is connected between two ADs and it is also connected to Scope C2 to demonstrate this example, Scope C1to the same signal source. In the 1st AD the Trigger 1 outputs Scope state, under Settings/Options In this the Scope triggers on Channel 1 rising edge. In the 2nd AD the External (Trigger) 1 is left as default input and selected as Source in Scope.