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  1. Hi @mSlider 1,3. It is solved for the next release. 2. You will be also able to select between: device specific wire, custom or no pin color. Thank you for your observations.
  2. Hi @trosen Try reinstalling digilent.adept.runtime
  3. Hi @Fortune I've sent you instructions in private message.
  4. Hi @leonvs It will be immediately fixed in WF 3.18.13 Thank you for the observation.
  5. Hi @yogeshL The latest version adds JTAG support:
  6. Hi @AnthonyP The logic threshold of digital inputs is at about 1.5V but the generated signal does not cross this level. Generate signal with 1.5V offset. In the 5th and 7th AD2 configuration the digital input threshold is at 0.5V.
  7. Hi @dave slagle Could you post or send me your workspace and a screenshot from the application ?
  8. Hi @ChristianMaru You can add two Wavegen outputs. W1 -> R -> Sig <- R <- W2 To not to exceed the AD2 W1/2 10mA drive, to prevent limitation clipping use 500Rs. This depends on voltage levels you want.
  9. Hi @dave slagle I'm unable to reproduce beachball... For me the WF app seems to be paused after one minute the Mac goes to sleep (I've connected a LED to an AD2 output controlled from software). The software resumes immediately on wakeup and reacts to the inputs/adjustments fine. On you machine it could be a low level USB driver / hardware issue, like something related to USB suspend... @malexander Do you have MacOS 10.14 to test sleep/wakeup ? You could try to disable the auto Reconnect option to reveal eventual communication error.
  10. For multiplication purpose the Amplitude Modulation can be used with index of 100% and offset of -100%
  11. Hi @Joao Paulo The sub/register address is not read but written by the master. See the following post:
  12. Hi @yogeshL Yes, these are on the to-do-list but I don't know when it will be implemented. Thank you for bringing this up.