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  1. Hi @Bjorn Oh... for Digital In... sorry With FDwfDigitalInTriggerPositionSet for single/repeated acquisition you specify the end of the acquisition relative to trigger event. With FDwfDigitalInBufferSizeSet the number of samples to acquire. So for 100MHz acquisition and position of 100M the last sample of the capture will be 1 second after the trigger event. To have the trigger position + 1 second in the middle of the capture set position to = (1 second) x (sample rate) + (buffer size)/2
  2. Hi @Bjorn You can set the trigger position to 1 second and perform acquisition on a small time span, like 80us with 100Mhz of 8000 samples. With this the trigger position + 1 second will be in the middle of the capture. With 0.99996 second (1-40us) it will be the beginning of the capture.
  3. Hi @markb82 The ADC is always running a 100Msps. With FDwfAnalogInFrequencySet you can configure an integer division (N) of 100MHz. For each channel with FDwfAnalogInChannelFilterSet you can choose how the ADC samples get stored: Decimate (Nth 100MHz ADC conversion), Average (average of N conversions), or Min/Max.
  4. Multiple AD2 devices in single Waveforms instance

    Hi @Piotr Rzeszut When the time base or position is changed the information in Ref channel needs to be updated. This is done by the Clone function. // update time information, restore offset/range var r = Scope.Ref1.Range.value var o = Scope.Ref1.Offset.value Scope.Ref1.Clone(Scope.Channel1) Scope.Ref1.Range.value = r Scope.Ref1.Offset.value = o
  5. Multiple AD2 devices in single Waveforms instance

    Hi @Piotr Rzeszut You might try the following. I had no time to test it with devices, but theoretically it should work if you configure proper triggering between the devices. Slave application/device saves data to file: { var f = File("1.bin") f.writeDouble(Scope.Channel1.alldata) } { var f = File("2.bin") f.writeDouble(Scope.Channel2.alldata) } Master application/device loads data to ref1/2: { // update time information, restore offset/range var r = Scope.Ref1.Range.value var o = Scope.Ref1.Offset.value Scope.Ref1.Clone(Scope.Channel1) Scope.Ref1.Range.value = r Scope.Ref1.Offset.value = o var f = File("1.bin") // we might have to wait for the other process to save the data for(var i = 0; i < 1000 && !f.exist(); i++); // read data and set it to reference channel var rg = f.readDouble() f.deleteFile() = rg } { var r = Scope.Ref2.Range.value var o = Scope.Ref2.Offset.value Scope.Ref2.Clone(Scope.Channel2) Scope.Ref2.Range.value = r Scope.Ref2.Offset.value = o var f = File("2.bin") for(var i = 0; i < 1000 && !f.exist(); i++); var rg = f.readDouble() f.deleteFile() = rg }
  6. Hi @Piotr Rzeszut I'm not sure what to say... I suspect the Altera USB Blaster is also using FTDI USB and their software is trying to connect the Digilent device. The Digilent software filters devices based on name and does not disturb other devices. Altera's software might access all FTDI USB devices, blocking them or hanging when already in use... I can only suggest to use one of the devices from a different computer or from virtual machine. @malexander Do you have any comments on this issue?
  7. Not in the next one, which should be published in a few days, but in the following one it will be enabled.
  8. Hi @Piotr Rzeszut Do you get any error message? What devices are listed in Windows Device Manager USB? [Screenshots about the message are useful, Alt+PrtScr (or Shift+Fn+Alt+F11 on Mac) and Ctrl+V here, in the post text editor.]
  9. Hi @Piotr Rzeszut The averaging and oversampling use FFT phase information of peak component or the trigger crossing position, the two samples around the trigger. You are right, only for averaging we don't really need such precision. The averaging enable can be forced using script. You just have to run the following script once after opening Scope1. Scope1.Trigger.Average.SigEnable.connect(function(){ // in case the enable state chaged if(!Scope1.Trigger.Average.enable){ // if it was disabled Scope1.Trigger.Average.setEnable(true) // enable it Scope1.Trigger.Average.Sig() // force reconfiguration } })
  10. Multiple AD2 devices in single Waveforms instance

    Hi @Piotr Rzeszut The trigger signals can be used to cross trigger devices for specific purposes. It is suitable to write a dedicated script/application with WF SDK for a goal, but in the WF application there are way too many options/instruments and I think it would be complicated/confusing to use.
  11. New user and first question

    Hi @BenOve Yes. You can use the same trigger source for Wavegen and Patterns or trigger one on the other. Uncheck repeat-trigger in both instruments to trigger only on start and repeat the output, or leave checked for burst output on each (external) trigger. Specify finite run time specially for Wavegen since the frequency of these analog signals can shift relative to the digital.
  12. Hi @Demmo Yes, Logic Analyzer / Add Custom. The Decoder code should go to Decoder tab and "Value to text" to "Value to text" tab. The decoding is performed by this custom interpreter. The code in the Script tool is intended to start the Logic Analyzer and enter the while loop for each acquisition. It depends on your system how you control it based on the decoded data... // start the Logic Analyzer while(Logic1.wait()){ // for each acquisition while this Script tool is not stopped // provide feedback for your system based on data // is the decoded data array } Logic1.stop() // stop it
  13. Hi @Rick314 Thank you for your sharing your opinion. As solution for the StaticIO interface make the unused IOs output by selecting slider, button or switch. You could also provide the students project or workspace with this configuration.
  14. Hi @swk You have in private message the application to reprogram you Digital Discovery. Make sure to have only the respective device connected to the computer.
  15. WaveForms 3.6.8 release

    Hi @ADal Thank you for the feedback. The next version will bring update notification.