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  1. Hi @PatrickD Use the Record mode to capture large amount of data.
  2. Hi @Aki I think the character encoding was not handled correctly by the application on your system. Please try this build: digilent.waveforms_v3.8.2-3.dmg Let me know if this version is working. In case it is still not working, the app should provide more info for debugging. You can try coping the dwf.framework to Framework, this should also solve the problem.
  3. attila

    Lock-in Amplifier/ Phase shift

    Hi @Nurseda The Math/Filter/Custom is intended for "sliding window", like to apply a gaussian window on 50 samples, from N-25,N-24....N+24 If you enter for 1 for N-25 and 0 for the other 49 up to N+24, the result will be shifted by 25 samples, which is 90* for 100 sample signal period, like 1MHz signal sampled at 100MHz I think at the moment there is no other way to shift the data...
  4. attila

    AD2 Ehnacement Milliohmeter Version 2

    Hi @wna See the following post:
  5. attila

    Lock-in Amplifier/ Phase shift

    Hi @Nurseda You could use the Math/Filter/Custom to shift. In this example: Channel 1 = output AWG 1 Channel 2 = input DUT Math 1= custom filter with one 1 and 49 zeros shifts with 25 samples, 1MHz signal sampled at100MHz will be shifted with 90* Math 2 = C1 x C2 Math 3 = M1 x C2
  6. Hi @Aki The driver is working since the device is detected, but for some reason the application can't find the firmware files for it... The application is working fine for me under macOS 10.13.3 and 10.13.5 Please try running the following app: digilent.waveforms_v3.8.2-2.dmg This should show the firmware path and list the files in the device manager. Please post a screenshot with it.
  7. attila

    Patterns 1

    Hi @Poseidon For VGA 640x480 you need 300k RAM per bit (or just logic for vector graphics) and 25MHz pixel clock. For such projects you can use FPGA/HDL development boards , like: ...
  8. attila

    FDwfAnalogInChannelRangeSet specifics

    Hi @mobigital See the related post:
  9. attila

    Digital Discovery - some questions.

    Hi @Piotr Rzeszut Sorry for the late reply but I was busy with some urgent project... 1. You can define the state machine using the Patterns/ROM Logic/Truth table 2. The inputs for the ROM logic are used to address the buffer, so having 32k (2^15) buffer you have 15 inputs, DIO 0-14 aka DIO 24-39 on Digital Discovery 3. The input line are hardcoded. It would be complicated to implement and even more complicated to use configurable input order... 4. No LVDS. Such would require dedicated connector, line termination... basically a different device for each protocol... 5. Please use the manual in the SDK installed by WaveForms: C:\Program Files (x86)\Digilent\WaveFormsSDK\ WaveForms SDK Reference Manual.pdf 12.4 Digital Discovery For the DigitalOut and IO functions, and AnalogIO DIOPP/PE the indexing 15:0 refers to DIO39:24. ...
  10. attila

    Testing RS485 bacnet

    Hi @Numbawunfela The WaveForms application and device features can be explored in demo mode. The software can be downloaded from: The Logic Analyzer Custom Decoder supports "Value to Text" script, which you can use to create such 'link file' feature.
  11. Hi @tadius I have just verified with WaveForms v3.8.2 the AWG and Scope calibration is working for me on the Analog Discovery 2. Which device and software version are you using? Here you have a tutorial Instead the Wizard, I recommend using the step by step method by clicking on the links in the list like: "Waveform Generator 1 Low Gain"
  12. attila

    LabVIEW custom waveform with set run time (burst)

    Hi @Christopher Arena The wait should work just like the run and repeat does, the order does not matter. FDwfAnalogOutWaitSet(HDWF hdwf, int idxChannel, double secWait); In case you use trigger, the trigger-repeat selects to work as: trigger-wait-run-wait-run... or trigger-wait-run-trigger-wait-run... FDwfAnalogOutRepeatTriggerSet(HDWF hdwf, int idxChannel, BOOL fRepeatTrigger);
  13. Hi @kojak I added Script function for the next version for synchronous execution, save/open file/directory dialog With the currently released software you can dump the app output to a file and use Tool.getText var file = File("C:/temp/"+Tool.getText("File:", "log.txt")) file.deleteFile() if(!Tool.start("cmd.exe", ["/c", "ping >> "+file.getPath()])) throw "error" while(wait() && !file.exist()); // wait for the file to be created wait(5) // additional wait for the app to finish writing, it depends on the app print("File",
  14. Hi @Aki It looks like the application can't find the configuration files (firmware) for the device which are embedded in the app. Did you install (drag & drop) the WaveForms to the macOS Applications folder? Try launching the application from the DMG package.. Bring the mouse over the device name to see the device IDs.
  15. attila

    Patterns 1

    Hi @Poseidon In Patterns you could use Constant type, but for such simple purpose you could also use StaticIO