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  1. Hi @JamesCarruthers The WaveForms application first tries to decode the audio file using the available system codecs of Windows and Linux. Normally it should decode wav, mp3, ogg, avi, mpg,... but this system codec support is unreliable and might fail. In this case relies on the implemented WAV decoder supporting PCM; float, int; big/little endian; mono/stereo
  2. Hello, In case you are referring to the WaveForms application's Protocol interface SPI/Custom script you can use the ReadWrite function to transfer data though MOSI/MISO. // Start() // Activates the select signal. Return true on success otherwise returns false. // Stop() // Deactivates the select signal. Return true on success otherwise false. // ReadWrite( bits per word , { word1, word2... | [word1, word2...] } ) // 4-wire SPI data transfer. Returns the read array of words.
  3. Hi @algailani The Analog Discovery/AD2 DIO impedance when used as input is basically the Spartan 6 FPGA impedance. Here you can find information about the Digital Discovery DIN and DIO pins:
  4. Hi @InterestedTom The AD/AD2 connector is 2x15 with 0.1 mil pitch. In case you can't find 2x15, you can get with more positions and cut it to 15.
  5. Hi @av_disp See the following posts: To hide this noise band, uncheck the Noise option under channel's (gear) option menu.
  6. Hello, I would suspect there is some contact problem between the USB cable and device plug. Could you try using another USB cable?
  7. Hello, Common grounding between instruments and circuits is important. The device could be left without power (no potential between its 5V and gnd) or disconnect by the computers surge protection. You probably got "Communication with the device failed" error and as detait the lower level transfer protocols (dpti) data transfer error ID.
  8. Hello, For four wire SPI please add two interpreters, one for MOSI and another one for MISO, same select and clock but different data pin.
  9. feature request

    Hello, Thank you for the observation. I added these to the to-do list.
  10. bug

    Hello, Thank you for the observation. Bug is fixed for the next software release. To get rid of the "extra two runs" please select fixed (not auto) offset and range for channel 1,2.
  11. Hello, For such purpose you could use the JTAG HS1,2,3 or SMT modules.
  12. Hello, Probably you want to use DC coupled scope inputs. Verify the AC/DC jumper positions on the BNC adapter board. For AWG output you probably want 0 output impedance. With the 50/0 jumper you can select 50 Ohm or 0 output impedance.
  13. Hello, You have access to the power monitoring ICs I2C bus through the AE/AF30 IOs.
  14. Hello, The only filtering available is with the average sample mode which takes the mean of N ADC conversions, where N = 100MHz ADC conversion rate / acquisition rate.
  15. Hello, Such option is not yet available from the WaveForms application, but having so many requests for this it will be implemented soon.