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  1. Thanks for that. I followed the link and looked in environment-setup-aarch64-xilinx-linux What I found makes no sense. All the paths seem to be wrong, ie My installation directory is /opt/Xilinx The paths in the file are: /opt/Xilinx/components/yocto/source/aarch64/tmp/sysroots/zynqmp-generic Looking at the directory structure I don't have the tmp directory. I DO have /opt/Xilinx/components/yocto/source/aarch64/sysroots All my paths have this tmp directory. I assume that this is why it does not run correctly! I actually did a clean install and got exactly the same file. Can you explain what I can have done wrong? I got no other errors during the installation. Regards, Chris.
  2. I am trying to build petalinux for the zybo board (and failing!). I have installed petalinux. I have downloaded digilent-zybo-linux-bd-v2015.4.bsp I have a hardware file etc. I have sourced my directories etc. I do petalinux-config and create a config file. Then it exits and get the error 'failed to source bitbake' This is odd, because if I type 'bitbake' it runs quite happily. Can anyone explain what it is trying to do and how I might fix it? Thanks Chris.