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  1. Hi @attila I tried what you said and still nothing. I think that maybe the installation process did not work properly or I am installing incorrectly. Also after downloading from the internet, when I click on the download to try and install it disappears.
  2. Hi I am going through Arty-Getting Started with Microblaze tutorial and I'm receiving an error in SDK. This is my first time using the Arty I have previously only worked with the Zedboard. Before startign, I had to add the ARTY to my boards in Vivado and I was then able to complete everything in Vivado. When trying to export to SDK and create the new application project i receive the following error: Error generating bsp sources. Failed in generating sources. Please help
  3. Hi I am trying to install waveforms to use the analog discovery box. I am in Linux using Ubuntu and I have downloaded both adept and Waveforms and tried installing both using the terminal and everything seems like it installed but when I search to open Waveforms I can't find it. I'm not sure what is wrong or why they are not installing properly. I'm using the 64 bit for both. Please Help Thanks
  4. Hi @Elie Assaf I was wondering if you ever completed your project. I am trying to do the same this using Vivado and SDK and I am coming across some issues. If so could you share your project files?
  5. Hi @bahare I'm currently trying to get the AD1 converter to work on the zedboad using Xilinx and I was wondering if you ever figured it out.
  6. I'm back again @jpeyron. So I'm having issues with your block design because it is out of date. Any suggestions? I tried recreating it but the AD1 pmod that you use is different from the one in my library. Which version of Vivado did you use? I am currently using 2016.2
  7. @jpeyron Thanks for answering all of my questions! You have been super helpful!
  8. @jpeyron or what needs to be included in the block diagram
  9. @jpeyron is there a block diagram that is already completed that I can use as a guideline or do I need to create it myself?
  10. @jpeyron for the zynq processor link what is the process I would follow to get it functioning? Download the files and then what? I am using Vivado
  11. Hi @jpeyron I'm not sure what you mean by channels.
  12. Hi Elie I am trying to get the AD1 to work on the Zedboard and I was wondering if you had success in doing so. I am also using Vivado and SDK.