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  1. Hallo Attila - I tried it on another PC and there is no difference, the same problem persists. Is a user calibration than written to the EEPROM? I meant the hidden Impedance Analyzer and not the Network Analyzer. In the Network Analyzer I see no option for compensating probes. Thanks! - Henry
  2. Hello - There is no difference. If both inputs are grounded the offset remains (As theory predicts). I use the old and the new software from time to time because I like the older GUI more than the new one. Anyway, the offset is exactly the same in the new WF Version 3. Yes, I get only zeros after pressing Load Factory! I loosly remember that I've seen months ago there are many different numbers. So I think the internal EEPROM lost some data. Thanks. BTW: When do you expect a new software version? I miss the Impedance Analyzer in WF 3. And there is a bug: The phase plot is exactly inverse polarized. I would like the option to disable phase plot. There is no transparency 'color' so I cannot disable the phase plot. Thanks for the otherwise great software.
  3. Dan, I understand what you meant. A OpAmp needs input current to establish a correct input voltage sensing. Right. Channel 1 doesn't have the offset problem. And because all 4 analog input lines do have input resistive dividers there is no need to relate the input to ground. If plus and minus input lines from one channel are connected together, it shows the offset voltage. And this value is wrong on channel 2 ! Here are some pictures. Is it right that all values in the parameter tab are zero? Even if I say use factory values. Thanks!
  4. Hi - The channel 2 have 54mV offset. If the front multiplier circuit switches on, it reads 540mV. Activating factory parameters it doen't change.
  5. Hello - My Analog Discovery (first version) shows several offset on a analog input channel. I tried to reload the factory defaults but it doesn't change anything. In the last tab one can see many parameters for the factory calibration. They are all zero. Is this normal? The board has a good looking serial number and otherwise works great. I think the EEPROM should healthy but it is maybe partly zeroed. What can I do other than doing a manual calibration cycle? Is this warrantied by Digilent? Thanks! - Henry