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  1. @attila When you said that the rate is limited by the USB bandwith, what is that rate,? the sampling rate? , cause in the waveforms I can see a see a maximum rate of 10MHz. What do you mean by digitzer mode?
  2. Thanks @attila for your answer, just to clarify, does this script run directly on the waveforms? or is it downloaded and executed on the AD2 device?
  3. Hi, I have a vibration sensor with an SPI interface. Can i use the Analog Discovery 2 to record the measurements to a file? if so, could you point me to some documentation that explains this? Thanks in advance! Luis
  4. @attila thanks a lot for the answer.Just to clarify, is the data logged locally in the AD2 and then transferred to the PC? or all the measurements are transferred on the fly (real time) to the computer and logged there? Thanks
  5. Thanks @jpeyron for the orientation, i can see that data can be recorded to files, but still i can not answer to my original question, if using the Analog Discovery 2, i can record 10 seconds of data, sampled at 20 kS/s. @attila could you help me to answer this ? Thanks in advance!
  6. @JonI would like to use the Analog Discovery 2, or do you recommend other board for this purpose? Thanks a lot. Luis
  7. Hi @Jon thanks for answering. I want to read the values of a piezo electric sensor, for ten seconds @20kS/s, and then store that data to a file, so that later i can do some signal processing on top of that file, offline. Do you need extra information ? Two doubts @Jon, how much data can I store in local memory? how fast can i sample (kS/s) while writing in local memory? is there any documentation where i can see how this process is done?
  8. Hi, I need to do measurements for a 10 seconds period, sampling at 20 kHz one of the analog inputs. Using the Analog Discovery 2, Can i log these values to a file?I want to process later this file. It is very important to log each of the values. I hope you can help me to solve this doubt! Thanks a lot!!