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  1. Also, is it possible to keep the power supply on after disconnecting from the board? It's possible in WaveForms to set the "on close" setting of the device to "continue", but haven't found it in the SDK
  2. Is it possible to set & enable the power supply on the AD2 on boot? I'd like for it to be enabled before I connect to the device & program it. I seem to remember that the device can start up outputing a waveform etc., so assume this is poissble, but I can't find any mention of it. thanks, Ian
  3. Thanks for the suggestions @jpeyron. To add detail, things that I tried and didn't work in VM Windows, but did in Mac: Detaching all wiring from the AD2 Using an external power supply Using a powered USB hub Ensuring the parallels settings were correct for the USB device Restarting everything Ensuring macbook was on mains power Changing usb cables Switching USB 3.0 support on and off in parallels But I am happy to report that it randomly started working again.. well, I'd be little happier if I knew why... I'm still interested if anyone has a theory. thanks
  4. Hi, I was successfully running my AD2 using WaveForms in mac, and also on a virtual Windows 10 machine on the same MacBook Pro (through Parallels). I didn't change anything that I know of, but now I get an "ERC: 0x2" error trying to initialize the device in windows, yet perfect performance in mac. (I'm ensuring that the device is appearing properly in windows through the parallels USB switching function) Has anyone seen this before? any ideas? Thanks, Ian
  5. I can't seem to find the string names for the waveform channels on the AD2 that I need to use in Labview. I'm restricted to Labview 2014, so can't open the example VI's. I've tried, W1 W2, AWG1 AWG2, 1 2 Thanks