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  1. I want only a virtual mouse. How to move the mouse from proram in xillinux? Ncurses doesn't work. Knows somebody a system call or something like that for controlling the mouse ?
  2. Hello, I have a Zybo board and I installed a Xillinus OS. I would like to write a simple C program which can controll the mouse cursor movment. Which command or C function can move the cursor in xillinux? I tried xdotool program for linux, but it doesn't worked. Have somebody any ideea how can I realize it?
  3. Hi, @jpeyron , I wanted a continous running hardware. For example if I write a Hello World programe, and I disconnect the board, and I re-connect the board I wanted to continue the program's activity from that point from where I interrupted. How can I solve this. With SPI Flash I upload the programe to the board, but I need to turn on the SDK and I need to run. I would like something like "plug-in and run". How can I solve it?
  4. Unfortunately I need to selve that with microblaze.
  5. I took this tutorial . I got some errors in SDK. I tried to set the microblaze_0_local_memory/ilmb_bram_if_cntlr's range to 32k, but unfortunately it didn't worked. Eventually can you send an example project?
  6. Hello, again, How can I solve that, If remove the cable and source, I would like to store program in memory. Thank in advance.
  7. Hi, We wanted to use GPIO pins for cmodA7, and we tried Link to Community Project to test the XADC, GPIO, buttons, LEDs, and SRAM link, from the resource center, but it didn't work. How we can solve this. We created a Microblaze on the CmodA7, we downloaded from github the board package and the Pmod IP package. We used these for BmodBT2 and PmodNav. They are worked fine, but they has each IP has a predefined pinout on Pmod JA connector. We would like to reconfigure the pinout to CmadA7 GPIO pins (47 pieces), which are located on the bottom of the board. How can we reconfigure the Pmod IP-s from the Pmod JA to the GPIO Pins? Thanks in advance.
  8. I solved the problem. I needed to correct the included header file in PmodNav.c. There is written #include "pmodNav", and we need #include "PmodNav".
  9. Hi, I imported the vivado project. After that I generated a .bit file, I created a new wrapper. I exported the hardware, and I launched the SDK. I got a warning. The warning messange was: "Executables selected for download on the following processors does'nt exist or incorrectly specified". I can ignore that, but it unfortunately doesn't work. How can I solve this problem? The IP when will you update the IP? Thanks in advance.
  10. Hi!I tried PmodNAV with a cmodA7 board. I made a cmod a7 microblaze soft processor, and I downloaded the Pmod IP’s, I imported that and I followed this tutorial But unfortunately did not work. Can you help me what I need to do for getting accelerometer values?Thanks in advance