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  1. Hi Lesiastas, if there is a problem with the "MarshalAsAttribute Class" you can use my wrapper DLL which converts the calling convention. You can download it for free at Trenz Electronic web side: Discovery 2/Analog Discovery based LCR-Meter regards, JOST
  2. There is it not possible to use the DWF library with VB6.0 because the DWF library use C-style function calls but VB6.0 expect standard calling convention. There is the order of function parameter different. I had the same problem with Excel VBA. Therefore, a wrapper DLL was written which converts all functions (> 290). This DLL should also work with VB6.0. My wrapper DLL, VBA Header file and some Excel VBA examples are available on store of Trenz Electronic: Discovery 2/Analog Discovery based LCR-Meter