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  1. Dear Hamster,
    I am really interested in your work with HDL to interface the "dirt cheap" WiFi module (ESP8266) with the Basys3 Board.
    I have studied your approach and its very clean and straightforward. I have some questions and I hope you have some free time to answer them.
    1) regarding file  - esp8266_driver.vhd
    I have understood how to connect to the Wi-Fi network of choice. But you have a command called "AT+CIPSTART="TCP","",1125". This basically tells the modem to connect to the router on said IP address and start a TCP connection on said port number. I was not able to understand (if the ESP8266 is able to connect to the internet) what IP address it would be sending its data to? Again, basically if "" is your source IP (data comes from here) then you need to specify where it needs to go right?
    2) If the ESP8266 module is connected (via FPGA) to a router which has a good internet connection. Can you show me on how to use it to connect to a remote server like dweet or thingspeak so I can upload some data on to that server?
    This would make this project a real IoT centric platform for connecting sensors to the internet using the low power, parallel computing benefits of the FPGA.
    Thanking You,
    Sharat K