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  1. Hi Jon,

    yesterday I tested again. I found another cable. Number 9 :) and it worked. It never disconnects with this cable. So I will take this now. 

    I never had this kind of problems with USB cables. Maybe there is something wrong with my board. But as long as it works in this combination all is OK for me.

    Thanks for your help. :)



  2. Hi Jon,

    I tried the Adept SW. It found and programmed the Cmod A7 ONE time ...

    I'm using several USB Ports. Internal and external. I also updated the FTDI Driver to Version from September last year.

    ... yes ONE time it started. Another time I got a blue screen. The message was driver related (IRQL_LEVEL:...) this can happen during
    sudden disconnects on USB.

    I'll try later today again. But now it is short before 3 AM in Germany :blink:

    Thanks for your help so far.




  3. Hi Jon,

    thanks for the quick answer.

    I attached a picture of the device manager output. Except the german translation all as in your picture.

    Yes, the device seems to disconnect with the dingle ling sound when connected via Vivado.

    If connected without acces by vivado it stays connected.

    I haven't tried the microblaze tutorial yet. I tried this one: Programming Guide

    Can the board be bricked?




  4. I have bought a Cmod A7 Board, which looked nice for me.

    One week ago I started to learn VHDL again using Vivado 2016.4. It worked nice.
    I used the CmodA/_Master.xdc for the constraints and the board file provided by Digilent.
    I made some blink led vhdl code and loaded it up directly to the FPGA.

    Today I wanted to continue but it seems to be very hard to program the board again.
    The board is recognized and sometimes I'm able to load up the bit file but the board disconnects in under 10 seconds so it is hard to select the file in this short time.

    I've Vivado 2016.4 on two different WIndows 10 PCs. I tried all USB 3 and USB 2 Ports on both PCs. I tried eight different USB cables which I also use for debugging on Android and also
    JTAG Targets (STM32 CPUs). The Cmod A7 is powered via USB of course.

    I get following output:

    program_hw_devices [lindex [get_hw_devices xc7a35t_0] 0]
    [Labtools 27-3165] End of startup status: LOW
    [Labtools 27-2269] No devices detected on target localhost:3121/xilinx_tcf/Digilent/210328A2B51CA.
    Check cable connectivity and that the target board is powered up then
    use the disconnect_hw_server and connect_hw_server to re-register this hardware target.
    [Labtoolstcl 44-513] HW Target shutdown. Closing target: localhost:3121/xilinx_tcf/Digilent/210328A2B51CA

    I tried now five hours on all different cables, reinstalling Vivado and drivers and two different machines.


    The Cmod A7 word last week without a problem.

    This week without changing anything to the code the board connects and disconnects after some seconds.
    The only thing I have done was to try to write the bin file to the SPI Flash like describe. But it disconnected during the transfer and so even the preprogrammed blink sample is lost.

    Any idea?