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  1. Installed Waveform 2015 software as instructed and installed the driver also. Couldn't get the Analog Discovery 2 to get recognized until after I rebooted the system. But it is only recognized if I plug it directly into my machine. If I use a hub, It doesn't work. The problem is I have several Arduino boards that use FTDI chips also plugged into my system through hubs and they were all working just fine before I installed your provided driver. Now they also only function if they are plugged directly into the laptop. I can't operate that way, how do I uninstall the driver or keep your driver from breaking my other devices on the system. Even one of my hard drives that is connected through an Anker 3.0 HUB no longer connects unless directly connected. Another hard drive is still working through the hub. After restarting the mac several times, I got things to work by unplugging the actual powered hub. Unplugging from the computer wasn't enough, I needed to unplug power from the hub before things started to work again. We still need some sort of uninstall instructions. macOS Sierra 10.12.3 MacBook pro Mid 2012 16 Gig ram.