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  1. Hi all, Most likely this question has already been answered, but I cannot find any info. Is it safe to feed the AWG of the Analog Discovery to the scope of the same device? can this somehow cause any damage to the AD2?
  2. Hello, If I connect a DC-DC boost converter (link below) with the same 5V power supply brick used for the Analog Discovery 2, will it affect its performance? (Introduce noise etc) https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/DC-DC-Boost-Step-up-Regulator-1-5V-6-5V-3-3V-5V-6V-To-12V-Power-Converter-Module/252919525885?hash=item3ae32db1fd:g:I6MAAOSwnONZCqbv Thanks in advance.
  3. Connected an external supply and problem solved Can someone please tell me the exact size of the external power jack so I can buy a dedicated power supply? i know that Digilent have their own power supply, but I am not willing to spend another $45 on shipping alone. Thanks in advance for your help.
  4. Hi. Is the external supply of the AD2 internally regulated? The supply that I have is the one with veriable output voltages, which has no regulatod 5v output,
  5. Hi all, I just bought a new AD2 and am having trouble connecting it to my laptop. After installing Waveforms 2015 and connecting the device, the attached error message is popping. Any suggestions please? (Note: I am not using external power, but the USB that I am using is high power - black USB port) I tried the following: * Re-booted the laptop -Re-installed Waveforms 2015 *Used another USB cable *Used different USB ports Any kind of help would be highly appreciated.