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  1. Thank you Atilla, for your further explanation. I found it very helpful.
  2. Attila: I also noticed the semitransparent band around the oscilloscope trace, and looked in the forums to learn more about it. I found three explanations (all from you - thanks), and the one above is the most extensive. I think I almost understand it, but there are aspects of your explanation that still escape me. (Sorry -- I am sure it is my ignorance.) Could you please elaborate on your explanation above? The first sentence describing the default mode eludes me. You also write "a lower number and resolution Noise samples are also stored" -- How are those acquired? I don't think I'm clear on this, either. Thank you!
  3. I have three Macs, all running macOS Sierra: 2011 iMac, 2013 MBP, 2016 MBP. The 2013 MBP loads Waveform 2015 just fine and finds the Analog 2. Neither of the other machines will load, stating "Device Not Found." In both cases where the device is not found it can be seen in the Network tab of System Preferences as "Digilent . . . Device". Its status is "Not Configured" and the OS will not connect to it. The software seems to think it is a modem. On the 2013 MBP where everything connects just fine, it does NOT show up on the Network listing. It does show up in System Information as a Digilent USB Device under USB, but the device also shows up on System Information as a USB device on the two machines that can't find it under Waveform 2015. FIXED: Sorry, a clean restart of the two uncooperative machines fixed them both. Waveform 2015 now sees the Analog 2 on all three Macs.