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  1. Hi JColvin So I've found out that the chipKIT community has recently (2 weeks ago), updated the libraries and placed them on GitHub: One other thing I wanted to note, though. Some time ago (maybe at least a year or so ago), I noticed that the OLED library for the Basic I/O Shield was different than the PmodOLED library (confusing), and I brought it up somewhere, maybe here on this forum or Instructables (as a comment on one of Digilent's posts), I can't remember. Whoever replied to me noted that this needed to be fixed. Since both boards use identical OLEDs, they should use the same library. If you wanted a Basic I/O Shield library, it should be a wrapper library that adds in the OLED library, Temp Sensor Library, and EEPROM library, so the code is reused. My two cents
  2. Hi JColvin, The library for the Basic I/O Shield (and PmodOLED), as far as I know, still use plib.h and are not usable with Arduino IDE. Is there plan to update the libraries? Mind you, not only the OLED on the Basic I/O Shield depends on plib.h, but also the temp sensor and EEPROM.
  3. Hi Francois, This third-party library, DisplayCore, appears to support the Adafruit display board you're talking about!
  4. Hi guys, When I open the library files OLED.h, the first comments say the following: IOShieldOled.h -- Interface Declarations for IOShieldOled.cpp It appears that OLED and IOShieldOled are duplicate libraries... Wouldn't it be more robust to update these libraries such that there is only ONE library for oled control, say OLED, and if other libraries (like IOShield) "use" this library, they can #include the library? I think this avoids trying to keep up two libraries that are virtually identical... Just some thoughts...
  5. Hi, I noticed that on this page: when you mention the "Trainable Delay" project, you don't link to it. Please add the link: Thanks Sharon
  6. Sorry, I meant pictures, but it's ok. I just took screenshots of them instead Thanks for your help
  7. Does anyone know how I can get the images used in the Bootloader Tutorial (see image below)? The file is located here: Thanks
  8. Hi Digilent! This link is a page with items tagged with "chipKIT" but I found some stragglers that still need to be tagged with chipKIT. Can you please add the chipKIT tag to the following so they all show up on the aforementioned link? Having said that, if you have any others that I missed, please add chipKIT to their tag as well Thanks, Sharon