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  1. I still have not been able to resolve this issue, is there an RMA process for the Analog Discovery?
  2. Yes, I did this. I made sure to follow the calibration wizard carefully. I have also tried resetting to factory calibration to no avail. At this point I am inclined to believe that there is a hardware related issue.
  3. I have tried using the calibration wizard, the pictures from my previous post were taken immediately after I completed the wizard. As can be seen the wavegen seems to be holding a calibration fine, but the scope will not read the values correctly. I attached two photos showing the connections of the jumpers with the following color code: Green: Scope 1 + Yellow: Scope 1 - Red: Scope 2 + Blue: Scope 2 - Black: Ground Red2: Wavegen1
  4. I recently went to use my Analog Discovery 1 and I found that it was giving me all sorts of strange results that I did not expect. I figured that the calibration must have drifted since I hadn't used the device in a year or so, but when I performed a calibration it was still significantly off. Here's a link to an album showing comparisons between the AD1's readings versus a multimeter: . I don't really know what to do at this point, but perhaps someone here has run into this issue before and can recommend a fix. Thanks! Edit: For what it is worth, I have tried using different USB cables, different ports on my computer, different computers/operating systems, different jumper wires, and a different breadboard all to the same effect.